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Birthday Cards from Canada March 26, 2008

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The delectable and darling DragonLady/Veronica went crazy sending me cards this year.  I was delighted that, even though they were all mailed at the same time, they arrived 3 days in a row.  I never get anything in the mail that isn’t bills or bank statements when isn’t something I’ve ordered myself. 

Birthday Cards

The first to arrive was the card that folds open to show all those beautiful tulips.  The card itself read “Joy to you on your birthday.”  Simple and sweet.

The second to arrive was the square one that says “Chocolate egg omelette for breakfast, Marshmallow bunnies for lunch, Jelly Bean salad for dinner…” on the cover and when opened, the song “Sugar, Sugar” plays and the caption is “It’s Easter- get ready to munch!”

Last, but certainly not least is the card with the hunky cowboy that says “Hey Birthday Gal!  When a guy like this sees a woman like you, there’s only ONE THING on his mind…” which when open reads “Bet she could really whip up a tasty an of biscuits!  Have a happy one!” and on the back it has the hunk saying one last line with “I like my biscuits really hot!”

I loved them and they made me laugh.  They were just perfect and I savored reading and rereading each lovely card.  DL also has lovely penmanship.  I just wish more people sent cards.  I know I like to try and write people letters as much as I can.  In this computer tech savvy world, actual letter writing and card sending has almost gotten lost.  So I’m very delighted to find another kindred spirit to share the fun of cards with!

Thanks so much, lovie!


2 Responses to “Birthday Cards from Canada”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Ohh..since I got your address I’m SO gonna sexually harass you through mail. *WEG*

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