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Restaurant Review: Chicken and Pizza Palace March 27, 2008

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located in Columbus Landing, Mayaguez

(I think)

For the first time in a really long time I decided to go out for some drinks with some friends.  We’d just gotten out of the 4th meeting in so many days and we felt the need to unwind.  So myself, the president of student council and a few of his friends went up to Red Baron Pub.  We had a few (read: a lot) of drinks until the place was going to close down.  I was happily and bubbly drunk and feeling fine.  I was going to zig-zag my way home when the boys felt that they wanted some chicken (don’t worry, we did have a designated driver for this).

They kept mentioning this place and I was intrigued.  I’d never been and chicken to a drunken bombshell at 2am sounded mighty fine.  Now, I have to admit that I was glad that I went with some husky men to this place.  It’s seriously located behind one of the ghetto’s here in this town.  But damn do they serve up some fine chicken!  We ordered the box of 10 chicken parts with bread and fries. 

Let me tell you, for the $15 price tag, it is WELL worth it.  Especially when they put in way more than 10 pieces into that thing.   I was on my second piece, the boys were on their third or fourth a piece and there was STILL 10 pieces in that thing.  Not to mention the fries that were a veritable mountain and the toasted bread were plentiful, beautifully toasted and delicious.  I definitely wish to go back during suitable daytime hours to try it when I sober not when there was a bit of blood running in my alcohol stream.  I still think the place will be amazing and it’s perpetually open, the guys informed me.

A funny moment was when one of the boys asked me if I was enjoying the chicken or I was too snobby to appreciate the place.  I smacked him and said I was totally not a snob and I was loving the place.  Seriously, how can you go wrong with delectable fried chicken?!  Sheesh!  I think most people think I’m a snob because of the fact that I speak mostly English.  To most Spanish speakers they take that as a sign that I think I’m better than them.  But, whatever, they didn’t realize that I’m a foodie and those are the sorts of places I love to go to… you know, those small unique places that are scattered all over and have gems on the menu. 

From what I saw of the menu, the place offers pizza and sandwiches as well.  The place is well lit and clean, although there may be bars on the ordering windows.  It’s understandable given the projects some distance from the limits of the parking lot.  But, all the same, I think the guys were just trying to freak me out about the location.  I didn’t pay them much mind.  We feasted on chicken and fries and bread which brought us back from the limits of our alcohol induced fogginess.  There was even some leftover chicken which we kindly gave to a homeless man on our way back to the car.      


4 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Chicken and Pizza Palace”

  1. It is 1.01am and now I am hungry. This post started like a private eye type novel…really good tone. Like the bit about you smacking the guy..what was he thinking..he doesn’t know you at all….now that sounds like a song. Gotta get some food and there’s nothing interesting here. Cereal just won’t cut it I want chicken.

  2. Have you read Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series of private eye books cause you had a similar tone…maybe you will end up an author?

  3. MQ: Wow.. I was feeling guilty over how I wasn’t presenting enough food on my blog and all my foodie blogging friends were going to disown me…. but yet I still manage to make people hungry. So, I’ll take that as a job well done!

    I never realized how mysterious my post sounded. I was afraid I wasn’t doing the place justice and I was making the place seem way dangerous and unsuitable to recommend. I’ve never read Sue Grafton. I don’t read mysteries, I read romance novels. *giggle*

    And I’m a wannabe author. I think I have a first draft for a romance novel hidden somewhere on this computer. At least, if I didn’t begin to tear it apart in my idea to change it and expand it. Perhaps I’ll actually write it up chapter style and share it on here. I doubt I’ll ever get the nerve to try and publish it.

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