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Restaurant Review: La Muralla China March 30, 2008

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located in University Plaza, Mayaguez

I had a hankering for chinese food when I got to Carlitos’ dorm room.  After a few games of Brawl, I managed to whine enough that I was hungry and convince the boys that they were hungry too.  So away we went to the chinese food place across from Terrace (not the one in it because Carlitos’ doesn’t like it but I far prefer it). 

Once there I went for the classic PepperSteak combo which includes fried rice and french fries.  I have no idea why most orders in PR seem to come with fries.  Seriously!  Even the taco places give your orders with fries.  I just don’t get it.  Especially chinese places where most go to just to have the fried rice with french fries and fried chicken.  That is NOT chinese food, but I’ll save that rant for another day. 

It’s true that this place does have the better rice because it has shrimp in it, but the other place makes better egg rolls.  They don’t add quite as much pepper to it.  The service at this place was a bit shotty because the girl at the counter was talking on her cell phone while taking our orders.  I did give her the you twit, you’re being SO rude” look and that seemed to have worked because at that moment she at least decided to take our orders.  Overall, the food was good but it’s not the best place in Mayaguez for it.  The portions are plentiful though. 

Later, when we got back from Borders I could have sworn I left my cellphone here.  Luckily I didn’t and I’d just left it in the car.  It seemed tonight was not the night for cell phones.  You should all hop over to Carlitos’ blog (yes, the copycat has one now) to read the tale of what happened to his cellphone.


One Response to “Restaurant Review: La Muralla China”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Me a copycat? You were the one pestering me to get one! HMPH! *stomps foot*

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