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In memory of a fellow Colegial March 31, 2008

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One of the sad things about being part of student government is that you are privy to hearing the latest updates on cases of student accidents and, in some unfortunate cases, their deaths.  It’s terrible when it happens.  However, it’s a sad truth that young people die everyday.  Today… it just so happens that it’s someone from campus. 

I did not hear any of the newstories.  It seems this young person was with a friend and were in a car accident in a town a few over.  They were transported to the main medical facility here in Mayaguez.  Despite all medical intervention, it seems the young man passed away.  Seems his brain gave way before his body and there was nothing left to be done. 

He was a Civil Engineering student.

I don’t even know what town he is from.

Nor what year he was in.

And yet I feel this profound sadness to hear of his passing.

My heart and thoughts go out to David G. Ramos Rodriguez’s family and friends.  We shall be having a moment of silence in his honor at the assembly tomorrow. 


One Response to “In memory of a fellow Colegial”

  1. Thanks Ivy you honor him by writing this post. How awful for his parents and all who loved him. The only way to make some sense out of these things is to talk about them…to talk about people to show they mattered and to take that caring and empathy and love and to use that among the people you love and hell maybe even better use that on someone you don’t know very well. Honor his life by getting to know someone else in his stead.
    [these things I learned in my eight years working in the church helping with funerals etc…but also helped with the children as well so that balanced it out]

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