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Chicken and salsa fettuccini April 2, 2008

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fettuccini bowl
I call it college student cooking ingenuity.
After seeing on Crafty Precious this post on chili mac, I knew I wasn’t alone in sometimes liking my pasta with some chili on top.
My mother finds it strange. 
Since I was all out of pasta sauce and was not in any mood for any sort of concocted cheese sauce, I decided to improvise:
salsa jar
I tend to improvise a lot, don’t I?
To make this fine cuisine, I made about half a pack of fettuccini, boiled it up just right.
Then I sliced up some chicken tenders, letting them cook up on a hot skillet with some olive oil.  Not touching them or turning them for at least 2 minutes.
When turned, I added about 1/3 of the salsa jar.  Then I added a few spoonfuls more until it looked right.
I let the pasta and chicken finish cooking.
Then I drained most of the water from the pasta, added a smidge of olive oil; tossed.
Dumped the chicken together and added a last spoonful of salsa for luck.
Final Review: It was pretty darn tasty.  The salsa had some spice to it that made it just delightful when kicking up the flavor.  I’m sure homemade salsa could be substituted instead of the kind from a jar, but I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand.  I haven’t been cooking much but it’s because I seem not to have much on my shelves.  Oh well, one works with what one has.  I was going to add shredded cheese on top of this, but opted just for some fresh grated parmesan instead. 

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