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Back to the grind AKA “How is this fair?!” April 7, 2008

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Rum Student Another week another assembly.  That’s the way it feels like.  I’m kind of tired of daily meetings and hearing people argue.  I want to shout “This isn’t what I signed up for!!” but… if it weren’t for this, what would we really be doing?  I know I might have signed up for all the wrong reasons 2 years ago (“Oh! I’m pretty enough to win!” may have been the thoughts that crossed my mind when I signed up) I now know that the second time around that wasn’t the case.  I fully knew what I was getting into the second time around.  And that time I fully knew I was going to be Vice-President (Actually, I was nominated for president of student council but I declined because I knew the other candidate, the president last year, would be a better choice.  Knowing this, I refused to take votes away from him and chance us losing to another).  What I didn’t know was that halfway through second semester I’d be embroiled in such a hot topic. 

Today I was asked what my stand was on the matter; my stand, taking away my titles and just a student on this campus, is that I don’t wish for such an agricultural landmark to be ruined just for a highway entry but I seriously do not feel that a strike is the right way to handle it.  If I could vote, I’d vote against the strike.  However, because it is my duty to ensure the porcess for the rest of the students, I no longer have a vote.  We don’t decide anything, the assembly does.  Why can’t they see that?  My personal opinion does not matter!  If the assembly decides to strike than I, want it or not, will have to be in charge of one of the gates to ensure it stays shut for the duration of the strike. 

Is that fair?!

Seriously, how the flying fuck freak is that fair?!


So, why do they insist that we’re the ones violating their freedom of expression and that we’re against the majority of the students?!!  How the fuck dare they question my motives when I have done nothing but defend them to the administration, take up an issue that I have no active interest in and stand before them directing them so that the administration actually listens instead of just shoving them aside?!?? 

I’m tired of fighting.

I really don’t get why this has continued for as long as it has.

Actually, I know exactly why…

This has gone on for as long as it has because the majority of the students feel just like I do.  However, UNLIKE me, they don’t have the inner fortitude to come forward and give face for their beliefs.  So while I’m off actually shoving aside what I believe in for their fucking misguided freedom of expression, they’re only spouting how they push aside their beliefs to see that justice is served. 

I’m sorry…

But justice cannot be served by closing down a campus for 24 hours.

The majority of the students will end up and the beach.

And where will I end up being?!

Yup, I’ll be stuck at one of those damn gates to campus, holding down the fort for that which they so “cared” for enough to argue for weeks on end.

  We’ll see tomorrow how this turns out.


4 Responses to “Back to the grind AKA “How is this fair?!””

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Load of bs, I tell you. Is it true that if there;s not enough people striking the gates can be opened and the strike be moot?

  2. cavenaghi9 Says:

    Well, without any animosity, not everyone is cut out for campus politics. I’m not judging you as a person when I say that. However, if you decided to go through with running, there are things that come with the territory, and this little bind of yours is one of them. Maybe the “Decanato” people should warn students about what is expected from them before they run. Would save us all a lot of trouble.

    Anyways, good luck. We might me be completely and irreconcilably opposed in thought and action, but this blog is an interesting read, to say the least.

    @scizor1: Well… That’s not really what was agreed to. If I remember well, the Assembly declared that any amount of students present at the gates would constitute quorum for the strike. Of course, some people could conceivably try to sabotage the strike, but I suggest they do not. I don’t think neither part, in favor or against, wants a confrontation that could lead to someone getting hurt.

    My $0.02, adjust for inflation accordingly.

  3. scizor1 Says:

    cavenaghi9: If you read the timestamp of my post (which you obviously didn’t read) you can see that it was posted before the assembly. Today that was clarified.

  4. scizor: As you saw, that was decided in assembly. I find it interesting that those who spout so much for the cause did not agree to show proof of the numbers that are supposedly behind them. Oh well…

    cavenaghi9: Yes, some people aren’t cut out for student government. However, considering that I’ve spent the past 2 years as a Senator, I think I’ve been working pretty damn hard for each and every cause that has come along. I don’t see students arguing over what I say in senatorial sessions (documents which are also available to the public via the Senate) to account for my actions in my student leader role. There’s two sides to the coin and this site is my personal sanctuary.

    Should the Dean of Students then prohibit the freedom of expression by the students elected? I think not.

    However, I do think that running does not necessitate the personal attack of those already in position. There are many who are using underhanded methods which are completely uncalled for. When I ran and worked my campaign, I spent a lot of time educating those of my Faculty to the best of my abilities about the process. I, obviously, could not speak to everyone, but at least I tried.

    I do wish to thank you for your manner of expression. Understandably we differ on many aspects, however I don’t feel it should lead to personal insults… which many have tried to express but I’ve had to moderate.

    I do hope you enjoy the blog, there are many delicious recipes to try. 🙂

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