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Restaurant Review: Western Buffet April 8, 2008

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Located calle Bosque, Mayaguez

This is one of those joints where it’s an all-you can-eat buffet style with additional steak or shrimp platters.   The best thing about it is that Monday – Thursday they offer a student discount.  So, for $7 and some change you can gorge yourself on food plus dessert.  And for any who know us budget conscious college student types, this sort of pricing is a VERY good thing. 

The only sad part is that the food isn’t the best.  Sure, they have SOME things that are good.  I’m very partial to their fried yuca sticks, because yuca is so gosh darn good.  And I think the assortments to assemble salads, as well as their selection of various cold antipastos is not all that bad.  I’m fond of their rotini noodle salad.  They always have 2 selections of soup, one red based and one cream based.  Fridays seems to have more fish on the trays while the rest of the days seem to have roasted chicken and other types of meat.  I have never sensed much of a pattern with the food that they offer.  Then again, I don’t think I truly go there often enough to notice it. 

The sodas have free refills and I love it that they have mountain dew but I stick to the iced tea.  The dessert stations are either fruit, pudding or soft-served ice cream.  They seem to have downsized on the sprinkle and toppings station and I wonder why.  I guess perhaps Puerto Ricans aren’t that into it?  My one complaint with it all is that they don’t label their puddings.  So you sort of have to guess when you’re spooning yourself up.  Chocolate is easy to spot.  But sometimes you can get thinking it’s vanilla and end up with lemon.  Or avoid something thinking it’s the lemon and end up delighted to see it’s banana.  And yes, I really was delighted to find banana pudding on there!  Do y’all have any idea how difficult it is to find that stuff around here?!  Seriously!

The atmosphere is family friendly, no reservations required.  I’ve never seen it so full that there is a long wait and the tables are very accomodating to large groups.  The wait staff is pretty friendly and diligent in clearing off used plates and offering fresh ones.  But even if they aren’t they place seems pretty self serve.  So you can just walk up to the machine for more drinks or wander on over to the plates and nab yourself a few more.  However, if it weren’t for the student discount (and yes, ID flashing is required), I don’t think they place would be worthe price.  But, it’s located amongst all the student residencials in town, so I think they get a steady stream of students.  On the weekends it appears to be mostly families. 

I just hope they remember to stock up on banana pudding next time I go!


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