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The 24-Hour Strike April 9, 2008

Filed under: Life Events,Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 8:57 PM

Well my darling blog readers, the strike did take place. 

3,169 students went to the assembly.

It was a very nice sight to see the coliseum so full.

It almost made me proud to see the active interest.

But I needed some sleep before I could handle surveying the gates close at midnight.

Student Council was there when it began.

Trunk full of Student Council

I was there for 9 out of the first 12 hours of the strike.

Due to some issues, I thought it best not to return to any of the gates.

Some of the gates were actually empty by the afternoon.

I was actually a little ashamed of some of the stuff I saw take place at some of the gates.

The media was none too kind when reporting how the largest assembly in our campus history

ended up with so few people at the gates.

I’m too tired.

Just what exactly had they wanted to prove with this?



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