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Food Review: Parque China April 10, 2008

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Located in Terrace, Mayaguez

About 2 weeks ago I reviewed the chinese restaurant across from this one.  It’s always a clear distinction one must make when speaking of chinese joints.  This one is the one at the entry to the residencial dorm area known as Terrace.  Here is where my ‘hubby’ lives and as close to dorms as this campus can get.  It’s like a suburban area, with a handy park in the middle and it’s right next to campus, like literally.  There are quite a few food places stuck together.  Its quite necessary considering how a good portion of the students who live around campus live just in this area. 

Between the two chinese restaurants, I actually perfer this one to the other one.  The service seems faster and the people who work there seem nicer.  It’s also bigger and more brightly lit.  Perhaps that’s why I feel it seems to inspire more confidence than the other one. 

As far as food goes, the menu is the standard in these parts.  I’m fond of their chicken and broccoli and their orange chicken.  However, they sometimes overdo it on the orange zest and the latter dish can be a bit too strong.  Still, the portions are very large and definitely will fill you up for the price you pay.  The same as everywhere else, they also give you an order of fries to go with.  This has always bewildered me but I find I enjoy french fries with soy sauce quite a bit.  The drink selection is also pretty standard but at least here they have Snapple.  I rather love Snapple, so this is always a joy. 

Over all, the place is really quite nice but will always be debated between students in comparison to the restaurant just across the bit of highway in front of it.  You can’t confuse them but you can argue over which one is better.  I think they both have their pros and their cons.  But if I had to decide which one to go to between the two, I’d always pick this one. 


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