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Out for the count April 10, 2008

Filed under: Life Events,Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 10:19 PM

Because of the intercollegiate games this weekend, the week was only a 4 day week.  Thank goodness!  I don’t think I could have survived if the week were any longer.  I think the total would amount as I counted it would be 90 hours.

Of which I only slept 10 hours total throughout it.

I never slept more than an hour and a half at a time.

Any time I slept in my apartment since Tuesday night, I had to sleep to the sounds of sirens and smoke.

The building across the street caught fire.  They battled the blaze for long hours.

I was obviously dead to the world if I could sleep throught all that.

If I slept anything at all.


If you will excuse me…

I have some passing out to do.   

passed out cow


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