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Food Review: Dunk-it Donuts April 13, 2008

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Located calle Marginal, Terrace, Mayaguez

I’m actually a HUGE fan of donuts.  I really am.  I’m surprised that I hadn’t mentioned it before.  But I’m very partial to the cake kind that are filled with something delectable on the inside.  Eclairs are probably by far my favorites.  The funny thing is, that with all my love, I don’t seem to have them all that often.  All the bakeries have a pretty decent selection of donuts.  In fact, one of my fondest memories of visitin Puerto Rico during the summer was how my grandmother, stopping at the bakery for fresh bread, would always buy me a cola slurpee and a sugar donut.  Then my face would be all covered in sugar crystals by the time I got home and my mother would make me squeal by kissing and licking them off. 

It always leaves me a little sad how there aren’t any Dunkin’ Donut places in my area.  I think they have a couple of locations in the metropolitan area.  But, like Starbucks, I totally don’t see the point in taking a 2 and some odd hour car trip just for some sort of confection.  Sure, they are good.  But, come on, they aren’t that good! 

However, the island seems to have some donut shops.  Surprising, I know!  There used to be another way done the street from the shop I’m mentioning here called King Donuts.  They were quite good actually but the location was kind of obscure and out of the way.  I think they closed that place down.  I never managed to go to it much.  It was a little shady.  But this new place.  It’s just a tiny little spot.  You basically just go in, point out your donuts and walk out.  I went on a Sunday, amazed that the place was open.  NOTHING ever seems to be open on Sundays here!  It’s so damn annoying.  And since I was walking to my hubby’s place, we passed right by this place.  Since my hubby was ailing at the loss of his beloved pet, donuts felt like a good offering of sympathy.

Boy was I glad that I decided on that last part.  The donuts from this place are GOOD.  No lie.  It seems they sold out most of the more common and favorite donut flavors.  I’d picked a glazed, an oreo frosted, 2 chocolate cream filled, an almond frosted and a strawberry jelly filled one that was covered in powdered sugar.  The cakey donut was just heaven, so fresh and sweet.  They were truly light and absolutely divine.  My favorite actually turned out to be the powdered jelly filled one, which funnily enough I only selected to fulfill the half dozen I was hoping to take to my friend’s dorm. 

I definitely hope to stop by again for donuts and I look forward to seeing if they come up with any more selections.   


3 Responses to “Food Review: Dunk-it Donuts”

  1. Princess Says:

    you’re right they are really good!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    OMG!!! They donuts are so good. I love all al them. They have 32 flavors!!!! Try “Boli donas” and Sweet Lime…Heaven!!!

  3. al Says:

    they have good coffie but cant make a plain bagle with only butter not tosted wats that 😦

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