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Obituary: RIP Emma April 13, 2008

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Pets are always small joys to have in our lives.  I know I have had a few in my years and all have been dear to me.  Mostly my pets vary from the cute, big and furry kind… as most of you have noticed with my beloved cow.  Before my cow, I had a bunny named Nimbus.  He was New Zealand white and since then I have not had another bunny.  I just go and stalk CB to see her beloved bunnies.  I know how precious our little critters can be.  My cow is as near and dear to me as any child could ever be.  For the past 3 years she has been my room-mate and my travel buddy. 

So, it is because of this that I can feel so very strongly scizor’s loss for his cockatiel.  He’d had her for almost as long as I’ve had my cow.  The four of us used to travel together and Emma would be most upset at the steady stares my cow would give her.  Emma wasn’t fond of me either.  I admit to ruffling her feathers and entoning very tiny-toon-Elvira-ishly “I’m gonna hug you and squeeze you and love you forever and ever” while petting the poor bird none too gently.  Still, she was a sweet soul and my hubby loved her to no end even when he left her more in his hometown because she became just too needy for him to handle. 

This weekend she had complications with trying to lay an egg.  It got stuck in her tiny birdy pelvis.  Scizor dutifully took her to the vet and tried his best to get her to eat.  This morning she passed away.  I felt his sadness.  I spent the day when he got to Mayaguez just laying with him in bed.  I tried to get him to honor his birdy by doing birdy things in the day but he wasn’t feeling up to it.  But, I understood.  I think I would have been a whole lot worse off had it been my pet the one that had had to be buried that morning. 

Pets are so essential and bring us such joy.  It hurts no less with their passing than if they had been human.   So it is that I honor Emma with many fond thoughts and many loving wishes to her family.     


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