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Kirby army out and about April 15, 2008

Filed under: Random musings,silliness — bombshellwithin @ 9:24 PM

While in the end I decided not to submit these darling cupcakes to the puptart‘s Need Food Event, I still felt that they were just too adorable not to put up.  ESPECIALLY since slush went and put the simple pic up on her reveal post rather than the really funny one.  But, that’s alright.  I understand completely that the woman has WAY too many things demanding her time and attention and she certainly does not need me pouting at her because the wrong pic was put up.   And so, I will just delight you all with our silliness…

Little Kirby was a cupcake:

single cupcake

And he had a lot of friends…

Kirby army

Of all things, they decided they wished to play with their max Kirby idol

Kirby king

“What fun!” they declared.

happy Kirby

And they all took turns…

Kirby army playing



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