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6 words April 16, 2008

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So, this is a meme I stumbled across as I was stalking CB.  And since she’s one of those sly devils who tag you just for having read her blog, I suddenly felt inclined to do it. 

Write your memoir in 6 words.

Damn, how do I manage this?

Insane girly with too much time.

Slacking babe who talks too much.

She who killed those who meme.

Girl banging head against the keyboard.

Yeah… this could take a while.  I completely agreed with CB about how hard this is.  I ramble, I write WAY too much.  The funny thing is that in real life I’m far more quiet.  But for some reason, place a pen in my hands or my fingers near a keyboard and I can fly through my entire brain and range of emotions.  So this darn meme was really a challenge.  I walked away a bit and got a drink of water.  That’s when it hit me!

FlirtyRomantic… Passionate girl bombshell quests for true happiness.

Now, that wasn’t that difficult!

HA!  I’m so full of it.

But, who to tag now? 

I think I shall hit up MQ, scizor and TW for this one. 

*cackles evilly while blogging some more*


3 Responses to “6 words”

  1. CB Says:

    Love your 6 word memoir… all 6 of them. Wait a minute! 6 words and 6 memoirs. I see a pattern. oh…? you’re good. 😉

  2. OMG! CB, can you believe I really didn’t plan it that way? But, ha! I’m absolutely claiming that I did.

    It was on purpose, I say!

  3. Oh hell no you just didn’t!
    I send you cupcake pans and you tag me with a meme- don’t you know I can’t stand those things?!?! Consider the first sentence my answer to the meme.

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