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A box from somewhere- An homage to TW April 18, 2008

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First I ranted that I couldn’t find cupcake liners here.

And then I ranted about how I couldn’t find the cupcake pans.

I even showed how I macgyvered some cupcakes without them.

Apparently I left an impression.  Especially to those who have actual food blogs and bake cupcakes constantly.  This plight of mine seemed unacceptable and ludicrous.  But it seemed that I could make cupcakes just fine and I didn’t think much of my situation.  I would try a little harder to find some pans when I had the right budget for it.  I am a college student, after all.  And while my mother’s kitchen has the pans and everything, my kitchen by campus (where I am most of my time) just doesn’t quite make it with the things I might need to bake.  I often just buy disposable when I need to make something in a pinch. 

Out of the blue sometime early March, TW asked if I had managed to find any pans and to fork over my address.  Since it was approaching my birthday, I’d been hadning over my postal addie to just about everyone so I didn’t much think twice of giving her mine.   (Oh, I think my mother would have heart palpitations if she knew.. she’s one of those sorts that trusts no one on the internet.  But I’ve learned to make some wonderful friends and don’t hold as many reservations as she does.)    

So much had happened since then that I sort of forgot all about the exchange.  Until the postman showed up at my door, hollering my name.  This I found odd, I hadn’t ordered anything.  But I had a sudden suspicion even before I read Tempered Woman’s name on the return address.  I set the box down on my tiny counter and just looked at it in awe.  “No, she couldn’t have.” were the words I breathed out. 

Trying not to tear the box apart, I tried to calmly open it. 

She’d sent me her pans!

Believe me, I’ve been stalking her long enough to recognize them.

That and she sent me caramels!

gifts from TW

I got teary eyed, I really did. 

And no, TW, I didn’t mind at all the second hand. 

They will be loved and well used.

I hope I can do them justice. 

So I’m going to say that TW is my new best friend!  (Sorry scizor!)  And that she TOTALLY plotted to be orginal and send me a birthday present precisely one month after the date knowing that by being late she would be one and only.  And because it arrived one month later, it would still count for my birthday. 

TW thank you ever so much from the depths of my heart!

You have NO idea how much this meant to me!

Now to plot out what cupcake will be honored to be the first made with them.

I just need to get paid and I’m absolutely going to make something.

Maybe with the caramels. 

I’ve been trying not to eat them just in case…


One Response to “A box from somewhere- An homage to TW”

  1. I’m just SO glad you can put them to good use! You really crack me up girl. And I hope your mother doesn’t read your blog, heh.
    I would have had them to you sooner but I kept getting hijakced by cupcake hero~ ack!
    Now go do those pans proud woman!

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