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The inner sauce debate for chicken April 20, 2008

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For some off and inexplicable reason, I find myself truly craving either soy sauce or barbecue sauce.  I can’t explain it.  It’s a weird craving to have.  And since all I have in my freezer is chicken, that’s just what I’ll have to use them on.  The odd thing is, that even when I’ve had one or the other… I still want it. 

First I made almond soy sauce chicken.  (I thought I had taken good pics of it, but it just didn’t seem to work out for me)  And this was very good.  I wondered why I didn’t slice up almonts more often and just dredge them in soy sauce and sesame seed oil more often.  This I made with some ramen noodles.  I think it would have come out better if I had had some scallions and onions and stuff to add to it, but my pantry was pretty bare when I made this.  But it was still damn good.

Then I switched over and made some bbq chicken pizza.  The premade pizza crust is always a handy thing to have around.  I loaded it with cheese and tons of chicken.  I use the Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce.  It’s not too sweet and has a good tanginess to it.  I’m very fond of it. 

The following day I made soy sauce chicken wings.  I let them slow cook in a pot and I wished I had had some brown sugar to sweeten it ever so slightly.  But still, they were tender and good and seemingly hit the soy sauce spot. 

Afterwards I grilled up some chicken breasts and again broke out the barbecue sauce.  I had a very simple meal with just some corn on the cob. 

Interesting how I spent 4 days going back and forth with these dinners. 

Do any of you find yourself suddenly craving such flavors for several days?  


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