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The “that looks about right” pasta salad April 22, 2008

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Most of you already know how I refer to my brand of cooking as college student ingenuity.  I cook with whatever I happen to have on hand, I don’t often have much of a budget to buy anything in accordance to what I hope to make… and anything in my pantry was most likely stolen from my mother’s or grandmother’s at some point.  Baking usually makes me go out and get ingredients.  After all, you can’t fake the carrots in a carrot cake or something like that. 

But when it comes down to cooking dinner, especially since I’m often just cooking for me, I really don’t bother.  I just stare at the food I have and try to let it “speak” to me.  And because of this I usually end up tossing things into the pot and eating it, no matter how odd it may look.  It definitely does not hold up to the beautiful standard a lot of other food bloggers have.  While I do not think any of the other bloggers are actually snooty in anyway, my humble looking bowls just dont measure up.  It’s a good thing I don’t pretend to be in their league. 

Sure, I can pull off delicious and spectacular food.  But like everyone else, that isn’t a daily thing.  I would bet that some people’s daily food looks a lot like mine.  In fact, my almond chicken looked a lot like CB’s cashew chicken and in fact the recipes are very similar.  And very few beside the puptart are willing to admit that their refined palette does not revolve around high snobby sort of food.  

So where does that leave me?

Throwing random things together with pasta, of course!  I should have been born italian.  If I have nothing but pasta on my shelves, I’m still a happy girl.  I cook using just a skillet and a pot full of salted boiling water.  For tonight’s meal I did the following:

  • Caramelized sliced onions and minced garlic.  Set it aside in a medium bowl.
  • Cooked up chunks of chicken breasts seasoned with just some adobo.  Set aside with the onions.
  • On high heat, brown some butter and toss in a can of corn.  Fuly heat until the kernels are beginning to brown and add roasted red peppers until fully heated.
  • Boil up elbow macaroni pasta.  Cook and then toss with some olive oil.
  • Toss everything together into the bowl.  Add some splashes of balsamic vinagerette salad dressing.
  • Right before serving add some cubed cheese.  In my case, I had cheddar on hand.
  • Serve and consume with glee.

bowl of pasta



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