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Movie Review: Forbidden Kingdom April 26, 2008

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I have no idea why we ended up going to the movies again.  But we did, this time to see this semi action packed movie.  While I’m all for Jackie Chan and Jet Li, it’s obvious when I say that I’m not all that into action movies.  Still, I didn’t wished to be left home alone so I tagged along with the guys.

Going into the movie, I hadn’t really any clue what the movie was about.  So let me enlighten you.  You see, there’s this dorky kid (He was that same dorky kid from the movie Transformers) who is really into KungFu movies and keeps going into Boston’s ChinaTown in order to get some new flicks from this ancient pawn dealer.  There he finds this weird stafff he’s been dreaming about.  As it turns out the staff must be returned to it’s rightful owner and, of course, the teen is the one who ends up having to do so.  He ends up in another dimension and has to embark on the journey.  Not only to return the staff but to get in touch with his true self.

The story is easy to follow and can be very funny at times.  I felt some of the action/fight sequences were a little too long but the guys were really into it.  A friend of ours said he found the movie to be just amazing.  While I can’t really agree with the “amazing” part, I have to say the movie wasn’t all that bad.  It was fun and entertaining.  Not to mention full of heart.  I’m not entirely sure if this movie is supposed to be a family flick.  I think some of the nuances of the relationships are a little too complicated for small children.  But I think pre-teens, teens and young adults alike will enjoy the movie.  Even if it’s not your sort of thing, like me.


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