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DB: A girl with not enough funds April 28, 2008

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This month there was this amazing recipe for cheesecake pops. I REALLY wanted to make them, but then I took a look at the recipe. Sure, it made about 30-40 of those suckers and it looked really good. I was sure that if I made the recipe my friends would love me forever. However, as most of you know, I’m just a meager college student. Since I’m on the outs with my mother, she’s the one who usually funds my impromptu projects like this.

But, this month I had to be a sensible adult. I simply could NOT reason the expense for 5 packages of cream cheese, all the eggs, heavy cream, shortening and all the chocolate. I even thought about sweet talking my friends in order to get them to cover the costs for me. However, I simply couldn’t bring myself to do that. Call it pride or whatever else (see: stupidity) .

So I ask that all the DB followers to forgive me this month. I do hope to eventually make the recipe. I just couldn’t find the funds in time to make the deadline.

Be sure to check out my Daring Baker’s page on the upper right hand corner for you to check out the DB blogroll. Go show the other DBers some love and support. I’m sure they did a spectacular job.


6 Responses to “DB: A girl with not enough funds”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi, I completely agree with you – these baking expeditions are costing a fortune! Completely understand you missing this one (although it was very yummy!) Hx

  2. Elle Says:

    Sorry you missed this one, but even half the recipe was expensive. Maybe May will be more reasonable for costs. Thank you for posting anyway & glad you are a Daring Baker.

  3. Bob Says:

    Let me know how much you need to support this addiction…I will gladly help out!

  4. Helen: I know! If one decides to participate in several events a month, unless you really have occasion for it, it really adds up. They are delicious, but once you eat it and blog about it, what do you truly have to show for it?

    Elle: I am too! After trolling around a few places that cut back on the ingredients, I saw someone who even went as far as fifthing it. I might do that and just make a few. Even then. Thanks for dropping by! Sorry I didn’t have much to offer.

    Bob: You are a sweetheart for the offer. But you know me, I would never ask for anything. It’s silly really. Still… I adore you to no end for offering! Perhaps we can work things out? Perhaps for the summer? 😉

  5. Rachael Says:

    Oh! I got some cheap recipes if you want ’em! (I’m making a choccie cheese cake tomorrow!) Miss talking to you love-monkey! xxx Ho you doing?

    P.S. gonna send pics of my latest tartlet thingy 🙂

  6. Rach I miss talking to you too! It’s so hard to keep track of everyone now that my laptop is kaput. And please do send pics of your concoctions! I’m so happy that you’ve become so inspired to cook as well!

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