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Restaurant Review: Cacique Lounge and Cafeteria May 1, 2008

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Located on the corner of calle De Diego and Avenida Betances (aka Post), Mayaguez

The first time I ever heard of this restaurant, I actually had to do a double take.  You see, there is a seedy motel in my hometown that also goes by the name “Cacique”.  When you ask someone to go there, it’s for obviously nefarious sexual reasons.  So when I got to college and someone asked me to go to the Cacique, I had to gasp and beg their pardon.  The fact that it was a girl who’d asked me and that she was then one of my closest friends… well, I knew she couldn’t mean it the way I thought she did.  Instead I brought myself to ask just where exactly she was inviting me. 

To my surprise, this place was just a block from my apartment.  And it had some very tasty Puerto Rican food.  I think I may have mentioned it in passing in my review of Sancho Panza, about how if I wanted some great rice and beans, the Cacique was where I went for them.  Everyday they have a list of specials and from this list is the student discount; $5 for a very delicious platter of the specials. 

Whenever I go, I usually have chicken in some fashion, rice and beans, and some tostones.  Their beans are just fabulous.  For a few years I was a constant regular there and the wait staff knew my order on sight.  They’d just ask if it was the same and they’d order it up for me.  This way the food would come to me that much sooner.  I believe one of the nicest waiters there is named Kevin.  They are always so nice and ensure that you get whatever it is you are craving.  The complimentary toast is just divine.  i noticed today that they changed it up and it was definitely for the better.  Instead of fresh bread slices, it seems they got rolls halved and then toasted to perfection on on side.  They are better bite sized pieces and just divine. 

They also have a wonderful selection of fresh juices.  I’m not a big fan but their lemonade is one of their best.  I prefer just taking some passion fruit.  It’s very good for lowering blood pressure.  The atmosphere there is friendly and casual.  The restuarant has an array of counter space filled with any sort of sweet you may wish to buy.  Then along the perimeter are tables meant to seat four.  Their proximity is a bit close but it allows for a casual atmosphere.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this place truly empty.

Aside from delicious lunches and dinners, they have a wonderful breakfast assortment.  I’m not entirely sure what time they open, but I think it’s pretty early.  I think they might close at about 7pm or perhaps when the food runs out.  Get there too late and the food will be in short supply, especially the favorites.  They also have this wonderful sandwich menu.  I will admit that their chicken sandwich is my staple hangover food.  The way the swiss cheese gets melted to perfection deserves some sort of poetic ode.  I think I mentally compose one with every bite but then I forget to write it down. 

All in all, this is one of my favorite local haunts.  I’m actually a little surprised that I hadn’t written a review yet.  I know I had thought about it, I definitely didn’t need to wait until I went there to know how the place operates.  However, that seems to be my pattern.   No matter how many times I’ve been to a place, I wait to have eaten there recently in order to write up my review.  In fact, today when I was eating there I ran into the Dean of my Faculty.  It so happens he asked me if I reviewed the place yet.  It took me a moment to catch on what he was saying until I realized he reads my blog!  But, he was right.  I’ve reviewed it now.  He also provided me with the owner’s name, Renee.  I think I might have known that, the place is family owned.  So it’s just a small and tidy local.  I’m glad it’s just one block down.  Other places try to imitate it’s menu and style, but none even come close. 


2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Cacique Lounge and Cafeteria”

  1. El Cacique is my old time favorite for ‘criolla’ cuisine. The have the best ‘flan’ in Mayaguez. I stop ordering it because of the calorie intake.

    The food is fresh and Kevin and Rene run the place like your own kitchen. Prices are unbeatable.

    ‘Buen provecho!’.


  2. Moises: Thanks for stopping into my blog. I can wholeheartedly agree that the Cacique is wonderful. But tell me, are you keeping tabs on me for administrative purposes because of the debacle with my links being posted all over FaceBook? Or are you just interested in cupcakes and restaurant reviews? 😉

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