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A girl not feeling too well May 4, 2008

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I have no idea what triggered it but i spent the weekend with a nasty headache. I also didn’t have anything to take for it so I suffered greatly for an entire day. When I began contemplating the best ways to either lop off my head of commit other forms of suicide, I knew I had to take drastic measures.

I want to thank the heavens for creating 24-hour gas stations and the fact that there is one about 4 blocks from me. I also wish to thank the heavens for the fact that I live in a relatively safe neighborhood that allowed me to make the journey at 1AM in relative safety.

I also wish to thank the heavens for Advil.

Of course, I’m feeling much better. Just the shadow of the migraine remains. I can’t promise I’ll have much to say in the coming days. My laptop refuses to turn on and I’m trying not to panic. It sucks majorly since there are a few things I want to write about… and I have been having this intense need to work on the romance stories I’ve had in my head for like forever and a day.

We’ll see how that goes. And we’ll see how long it goes until I crack. There’s no need for me to mention how I’m an internet addict. Perhaps this headache was from withdrawal?


6 Responses to “A girl not feeling too well”

  1. Hope you feel normal again soon…nasty leftover feeling you get with them when they are waning…do you have any exams or anything soon?

  2. CB Says:

    I heart advil. As a child my mom told me it was candy to get me to take it. Its got that sweet coating so I was easily duped. HAHA! Glad you are feeling better…

  3. MQ: The semester is winding down and finals will be over in about a week. I need to figure out my summer plans very soon. Just need to figure out who is willing to adopt me and host me for the summer. :p

    CB: Yes, Advil is love! I don’t take the coated ones though, I’m partial to the liquidgel thingy ones. I remember once when I was younger I wanted to see what was inside of them so I took scissors and split a few to see their centers. Oh the things we do as children!

  4. Eny Says:

    ahem missy .. I’ve already told you to get your ass to the mountain for the summer!! hrmp .. leave irc for awhile and see what happens .. you’re already forgotten about *sniffles* leafy I miss you darlin’ !!

    huggs N loves


  5. Eny, my beloved! i have not forgotten you! Believe me, if I had the funds I’d spend the first month in Monterey with my brother, SIL and nephew, then hurry up the coast to spend the second with you. For now, I have to depend on the kindness of strangers (or family, actually).

    I miss you too, i hope everything is going well! *hugs and loverings!*

  6. Eny Says:

    Well now that we’ve talked and I know of your plans, you know the offer that stands! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to finally meeting you once you get on the west coast!!

    I loves ya darlin’!

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