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Food Review: Pachamama May 7, 2008

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Located in Terrace, Mayaguez

It feels like we’d been trying to make it to this little restaurant for about 2 weeks.  It’s so tiny and located where a beauty supply once was.  In fact, scizor wasn’t even sure where it was and his dorm is in Terrace.  We had a date to go last Friday but then his car broke down and we kept putting off the date.  Today, after taking over scizor’s iPod to get fixed, we finally made a stop at this little spot. 

The decor is very artisitic and quiet.  The atmosphere is intimate and seats no more than 18 people total.  The chairs and tables were very simple.  I really liked how cool and placid it felt.  There were beautiful pictures of orchids along the walls.  While the menu wasn’t official looking, the food was surprisingly international.  There were greek salads, tandoori chicken and even a type of fried rice.  When asking the waitress, she explains that the food is very natural and healthy.

I ordered some lasagna and scizor had the ceviche.  Both were very delicious.  As we quietly shared our meal, we noticed that a wall was lined with books.  A table was reserved just with a glass chest set.  There was an entire rack by the wall with magazines.  It made you just want to settle in for a quiet read with some fruit juice.  The retreat was welcome after having been caught in traffic in such oppressive heat.  For dessert I had coffee flan and it reminded me of when I was a little girl and would spend afternoons with my great-grandmother.  She used to love drinking her coffee, very light and sweet, and dunking in soft fresh bread into it.  That flavor was what the flan reminded me of and I was delighted by it.   

We agreed that we’re fully placing this place on our list of favorite new places.  The food was filling but not heavy.  The place was intimate yet airy and open.  The choices were healthy and we joked how the experience was a very organic one.  Considering that the propensity of Puerto Rican cuisine is mostly to deep fry with lots of starchy food, Pachamama seems to be a novelty.  I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to returning to try out some more things from the menu.  There wasn’t anything I didn’t recognize but I can’t think of many places, if any, in this area that would actually have them. 

A word of caution: because the place is so small, they only deal in cash.  Still, the prices are more than fair.   


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