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A girl going home for mother’s day May 9, 2008

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So, even though I have neither spoken to my mother nor been home in a month, I’m trekking to my hometown this weekend for Mother’s Day.  While we may have our disagreements, I know I could not snub my grandmother on such a special weekend.  Nor can I ignore my aunt who is my mother away from home (she works on campus and she REALLY comes through for me whenever I have any type of emergency away from home).

The cold war may well continue…

An all out war may even be waged…

I might even try to escape somewhere else…

But for better or for worse, I’m bucking up the courage to hit up my hometown.

Hopefully when I get back I will remember to back-post all about the fun night I had at Karaoke on Wednesday.

I will surely also have wonderful pictures of the delicious food I have made over the weekend.  I already have thoughts of red-velvet cupcakes (I’m blaming CB for this) , trying my hand at making Dorie’s Golden Brioche Loaves and even churning out French bread petit pains.  This will all compliment Sunday’s menu beautifully.  At least I have cooking and baking to look forward to!

To all the mother’s…

I wish a Happy Mother’s Day!

I know this holiday is celebrated at different times of the year around the world.

But I still think the sentiment carries weight.

Where would we be without our mother’s?

(Even if you’re on the outs with them

, the love is always there)



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