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A girl blogitating May 12, 2008

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(blogitating = blog meditating…. well, I try)

One of the things that I did learn for the whole mess a month ago with my blog was how many of my friends also had blogs.  But, as they very disdainfully told me, their blogs were PRIVATE.  I could hear the censure in their voices, wondering why it never occurred to me to make my own blog private as well.  And, you know what?  I don’t think it ever crossed my mind that I should do so.

Ever since then I have had this running in the back of my mind.  Should I have entries blocked and private?  Should I be such a blogtator as to rule who can read what content and when?  Should I be so very elitist and only expect a certain hand selected few to read my thoughts, rants, recipes and ramblings?

Then I got to wondering as to which blogology was more vain…

Is it those who post all their stuff for the world to see?  They put their words out into the blogiverse and expect people to come and flock to their humble little blog.  They are elated when comments come through from strangers, keep track of their numbers to see how much traffic entries make and keep on blogging in the hopes of just being read and heard.

Or is it those who write and keep it private only to a select few?  Those who thoughtfully address things only to a certain audience, keep a control on their traffic and only dispense with their addresses to trusted few.

After all this time, I know it’s pretty obvious to which blogosophy I belong to.  And, yanno, even after that stupid mess, I’m not sorry.  I like the random openness of blogs.  I was delighted when MQ found my sleeping sewing machine… when I stalked CB’s failed appletini cupcakes… when TW was hating on meme’s and stalking on Slush… when I lurked all over countless other’s blogs and randomly slapped them onto my blogroll.  If our blogs hadn’t been very public, none of this would have happened and my past 4 and a half months of blogging would have been all the poorer.

Why then did I get so much damn flack from so many people about having my humble little blog (one I never plastered the address around for, instead just letting the blog fates do with it as they will) public?  I know a few others who had some issues and skirmishes on their own blogs… so I wonder, would having had your blog private made up for whatever little mishap you had?  Do you feel like you would have lost on so much more?

Can someone please explain to me the point of a private blog?  Does it then become more diary than blog?  For that, shouldn’t they just stick to livejournal or some such in order to have a better medium for their expressions?

Or am I being a blogist and not open-minded enough to understand this?


7 Responses to “A girl blogitating”

  1. CB Says:

    Well you obviously know what “vain” I exist in. I stalk my own blog. No really…!! I am a stat whore. LOL. I admit there are some entries I keep private, just my way of getting my emotions down on paper (er.. computer) so that I can clear my head but for the most part blogging is a techie way for me to meet ppl, share in their lives and learn something new from someone that I may have never met IRL writing in a little diary. If you would rather keep your blog private, more power to you but… don’t tell me what I to do with mine. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Helen Says:

    I feel exactly the same as you! I can understand the idea of a diary but I can’t see the point of a private blog – it just screams of being cliqueish (if that is a word!). I always feel suspicious of people who have private blogs – are they using their own ideas or just ‘borrowing’ others people’s from their public blogs? Hmmmm… Great post – you have really got my brain going! Hx

  3. CB: heck yeah we’re SWs (stat whores) and proud of it! The funny thing is, I actually do keep a physical journal for the weepy stuff I need to get out. My blog over at blogger was like that, more journal than anything else. I couldn’t keep it going, not when I made a lifestyle change that I wasn’t willing to chronicle openly about. And to those who kept telling me their blogs were “private” you bet your sweet tushy I kept telling them “good for you, but I do what I want on my blog.”

    Helen: OMG yes! Very cliquish those little blogs can be, with too many inside jokes and such. Not that we don’t seem to have a sort of clique when you get hooked to friends’ blogs. But it’s fun, especially when something someone has written can empower you to be equally as frank on your own space. As true blogtators, we create our own domains. I guess I’m just too lazy to put up guards at the perimeter to mine.

  4. Now you’ve got me going…lifestyle change that you were not willing to chronicle openly about? Did you switch from coffee to tea and if so how could you? Or did you switch from heels to flats? Good grief how could you throw that out there knowing me as you do?

    Am all for the public blogging..have a friend who emails her friends etc every time she does an entry and she does not check her stats…may as well have a diary…journal thing online somewhere…ah more work for CJ…..he enabled her to “get blogging” …..and I use that term loosely with the way she has applied it. Funny thing is that everyone I speak to say they do not like to be told about the entries and have never read them…we had a little falling out and I still read them as they were a little window into her sometimes scary mind.

    And that is another thing, I like the anonymity…couldn’t think of anything more creepy than thinking non bloggers read my stuff …they are different aren’t they?

  5. MQ: Ha! I got your mind whirling.. but I sent you an email explaining it all. Bet you weren’t expecting to hear THAT! 😀

    And yes… the non-bloggers are different than us. You can always spot them. I think they are also less chatty when it comes to commenting.

  6. cjwriter Says:

    I don’t get private blogs either. I’m of the opinion that blogging is about conversation and I think that’s the difference between a blog and a journal; one creates a dialogue, the other is basically a monologue. It’s a different mindset and one isn’t better than the other but the result (and often your writing style) will be very different. Private blogs seem to exist in both worlds, not quite a blog, not quite a journal…

    But I have friends who swear by them as well, so if it works for them then that’s great… as long as they respect bloggers like us who do it differently! If they really want to talk about a subject which is too personal to discuss openly, I can understand, but a one-off private post works just as well for me.

    The thing that really drives me nuts, though, is people just stumbling across my blog off Google. Usually they’re people who have never even heard of a blog and just don’t get it. I guess that’s one plus of having a private blog. It creates some interesting search terms, though. 🙂

  7. LOL CJ, yanno, you said that and I suddenly thought back on all my posts and considered how it seemed as if most of my posts were me talking to myself. Well, having imaginary conversations with an imaginary audience to be exact… although with all the wonderful commentary, I know I’m not actually talking to myself.

    And I’ve been wanting to do a random google search post for here, but I’m just waiting to notice a definite strange trend. There is one, but just trying to see if I can catch any more insane search terms before I do so.

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