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Lab Rat #6 May 13, 2008

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(AKA: Amanda’s Makeover)

The title is actually the name of the mission that my friend Amanda has given her own makeover. Why? Well, because she says that’s how she thinks she’s going to feel. After about 2 weeks, I don’t think she really feels that way but now the name has stuck. I will now refer to her as #6 from here on out, even though the actual number is not relative to anything at all other than it being the first number she blurted out.

So, here’s the backstory: #6 is a friend of scizor’s and mine. She’s a very sweet girl of 19 who, just recently, took a good look at her closet and realized that it’s filled with jeans, converse sneakers and black t-shirts. This along with an invitation for a chic dinner with some friends at Longhorn made her notice that she didn’t have any outfits appropriate for such a dinner occasion. Aghast by this discovery, she promptly went out and bought herself some very cute springy dresses and she intoned to any around her how she truly needed a makeover. Thankfully, this plea came upon my beloved ‘hubby’s’ ears first and immediately he had the answer for her: “Ask Ivy. She does this all the time. In fact, she seems to live for it. You’d be in no better hands.” He assured her.

At first it took a few tries to get both she and I in the same room together, it took a few more tries to get us both and her new dresses. For it was with the dresses she felt that her change could truly be envisioned and realized. Without even having seen the dresses I knew that I was just what she needed. The plan, of course, was to make her realize that only I would work for the task. It had to come from her, since the changes she was wishing for were most complete. In order to change, you must want to do so, not be coerced into it.

Slowly I worked to build her trust.

I think at first #6 was a little skeptical. Others had tried to make her over, but none of it seemed to stick. Any attempts by her mother would be met with arguments, friends seemed only capable of slutting her out for a night. The change she wanted was radical, complete. She wanted to feel like a young woman, dress like one, have various outfits to choose from, know how to select the right pieces for herself. Surely it was a lot to ask but I’d done just this to many people before her.

What #6 didn’t know is that for a while now I have been casually running an Image and Shopping Consultation business in my free time (I just added a page dedicated to this on my blog, so be sure to check it out). I practiced on friends, but then I saw that a lot more people needed help. With very fair fees and my exquisite taste, I have aided in the transformation of several ladies, and even a few gents who wished to become ladies. I am very careful in who I decide to help, the interview process is actually a bit long because I like to learn everything about the person I am working with. In no way do I wish to change them. I want to polish them, bring out their best sides and make them shine.

So a week and a half ago, we were #6 at the mall. She needed shoes to go with her new dresses. Converse sneakers just weren’t going to cut it with them. Over lunch we discussed her thoughts, her sizes, her desires, her price range. This was the first in depth interview we had and we spent at least an hour just talking. I wanted her to feel comfortable and confident. What she probably didn’t realize was that that shopping trip was going to make or break whether I could fully help her or not. I knew this, so I needed to be sure I’d read her correctly, if she was going to be willing to trust me. The last part is extremely important, something I learned time and again with my sis-in-law, Dy. It took me quite some time to gain her trust, but I’d like to say that since she met me I achieved more for her appearance than her step-mother and sister combined had in the years before she met me.

We began slowly browsing shops, seeing what styles seemed to be in fashion and which she would feel comfortable wearing. Then I slowly got her to try on a couple of shoes in several stores, receiving her thoughts and opinion the entire time. Along the way we spoke of comfort and appeal, as well as how one did not need to “match” things in their wardrobe but learn to “coordinate” them. This last phrase is one I often have to drill into my clients. Far too many can go too far with matching things to the extreme. Sure, you want things to go together, but only enough so it looks good together, not that every single item be just one precise shade. I have to say #6 was a wonderful sport, she withstood all my cutting witticism like a real champ. In fact, she found them extremely funny and put her at ease. This made her more willing to try things I suggested that she normally would have shied away from.

Thank goodness she did! Both shoes she got from this trip were absolutely gorgeous (one a pair of white pleated front open toe t-strap wedges and another a chocolate round open toe wedge with faux reptile skin and gold metal details) and both would work with either dress as well as some of her other clothes.

After this trip #6 is most eager to move on to other things. I spent an entire afternoon last week going through her clothes, her makeup, her accessories and her beauty regimen. We even took the time to write up in a sort of journal all the things she wished to cover, what I recommended, what we needed to move towards. The progress will be slow. There are quite a few things that we need to buy. But there is also a lot that we need to work out with her attitude and the way she sees herself. As with many, #6 does not see herself clearly. She lacks self esteem but has incredible potential. I’m definitely looking forward to making more progress.

Let it be known that #6 gave me full permission to document her transformation on my blog. There are no pictures as of yet, but I hope to remedy that soon and see if this site will let me put them up, it’s been acting a little funny as of late.

I can’t wait to get things going some more.

I’m bubbling with ideas and I just know #6 will turn out to be such a knock out!

Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Lab Rat #6”

  1. Oh I am sooo excited for six and you the top notch transformer of souls! Well the exterior and as Trinny and Suzanne proclaim …change your outfit and you will change yourself!

    Wow this is great! Haven’t read anything that’s got me so excited for ages….and no do not recommend one of your romances! Well maybe I would proof read yours for you!

    Seriously what is it you are studying at uni and what do you wish to do when you leave and do those two mesh?

    Oh how I wish we lived nearer….you the tireless fashion makeover stylist…me the indomitable interior design makeover stylist…when you have finished with their exteriors I take on the interiors. Wow that sounds like a good idea for a lifestyle show!

    I want photos I want photos I want photos ….is anything becoming clearer here, apart from that I should act my age occasionally?

  2. MQ: Trinny and Suzanne are very right. Sometimes people don’t want to admit it for fear of seeming shallow. And i think if you and I teamed up we’d make for one kickass show! Pity we’re literally halfway around the world from one another.

    I need to get my hands on #6 and take loads of pictures. Before pictures are very necessary if we want to compare them to the after!

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