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Karaoke Night: Part Deux May 15, 2008

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I think I mentioned in some meme or other how my ‘hubby’ and I are big motor-mouths, as in we spend a lot of time in the car singing at the top of our lungs, off-key and off-tune to whatever is in the car stereo.


I would have thought that because we sing and giggle and sing some more in the car, in my living room, in scizor’s dorm that all my friends would be game for karaoke.  Boy was I wrong!

It took a week of begging and threatening and we thought that we had a decent group of friends ready to hit La Casita for karaoke night.  Then two dropped out because of lab assignments and tests.  While most of us had finished for finals, a few over-estimated their readiness when agreeing but decided to stay behind.  Even as everyone got assembled at my apartment there were doubts circulating.  But I gave my orders, people would sing and we’d have fun dammit!




With some sweet talking to the dj, he gave me the folders on the promise that we sing a lot of songs.  I was up for the challenge.  After writing up about a dozen songs on a napkin, I began to see some were being very stubborn and refusing to sing.  I cajoled and I pleaded.  We had plenty of time to get up our courage.  All I wanted was for them to pick a song, any song to add to the list we were giving back to the dj.  Half of our merry band refused and I got upset.  So, being the karaoke nazi, I just turned around and forgot about them.  What fun were they if they couldn’t pick a song, join others in singing other songs together and supporting your friends as they got up the guts to croon in a bar.  That’s what friends are for, after all. 

But the night wasn’t a bust, after a few songs alternating in combos of myself, #6 and scizor, the best thing happened! 

We inspired several groupings of drunken people to sing as well!


So it began that we’d sing in between shuffles of others and the night just rocked.  Of course the other twits that had joined us had ditched us at this point.  So they missed the rocking good time everyone was having.  It was amazing!  We closed the place down. 

In fact, one of the major accomplishments of the night was when #6 sang with our super cute dj.  I was so proud!  She looked smashingly hot.  I had done her makeup and hair before we stepped out.  No black t-shirt was in sight! 


After we closed down the bar with “I don’t want to miss a thing”, we opted to ditch the ditching bee-yotches who wanted us to go play video games with them.  Instead we piled on out to go to Denny’s.  There scizor, #6 and I proceeded to spend the next few hours chattering and recapping the night.  They had been the two biggest nay-sayers.  In the end, they were two of the karaoke stars.  I asked them why they had been so hesitant.  After it was all said and done, neither could remember what their fears were. 

Later, I asked the twits who chickened out what their problem was.  After loads of lame excuses they said they felt pressured to sing too early.  They obviously hadn’t listened to a darn thing we’d told them.  But, we didn’t miss them.  I seem to find smaller groups the most fun.  I’m glad that we went.  It turned out that between the three of us who stuck it out, we didn’t even have one full drink.  So, ultimately, it happened to have been some wholesome good fun. 

Well, as wholesome as one can get when singing at a bar.


2 Responses to “Karaoke Night: Part Deux”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Hell yeah! We need to do that again. I still wanted to sing Since U Been Gone! 😦 Yay for karaoke! 😀

  2. Dee Says:

    #6 is looking super fly hot in these pics!

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