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Movie Review: Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian May 15, 2008

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Alright, so… I TOTALLY loved this movie.  I loved the first Narnia movie.  I mean, what’s not to love about Narnia?  As a little girl I had to read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe for third grade.  It was assigned reading.  So was Magician’s Nephew and Horse and His Boy, as well as Prince Caspian I believe.  I can’t remember, but I think those were the only ones we covered in class.  I, however, went to the library and read  Silver Chair and, my absolute favorite Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  No matter in what order you read the books, I have always found them to be a delight.  (It wasn’t until I got the Narnia box set that I knew about the final book, The Last Battle, and I read it… and cried profusely and loved the series even more).

Shame on anyone who hasn’t already read the full set of Narnia, seriously… I’d say to stop reading, that Narnia existence offends me, but that would actually seem a bit rude.  Instead, I will just beseech those who haven’t read them to go out and get them!

Anyways, we’re talking movies and not books.  So, the story behind Prince Caspian is that while it’s only been a year for the Pevensie children, it’s been well over 1000 years in Narnia.  In that time, the old ways of Narnia have been forgotten and the Telmarines have taken over, thinking they had eradicated Narnians.  When Caspian’s uncle finally gets an heir, he realizes his life is in danger.  He flees and ends up with all the supposedly extinct Narnians.  With use of Susan’s horn, the Pevensie kids end up back in Narnia, prepared to get their kingdom back in order.  War ensues, but in the end good prevails.

I have to say, as a true Narnia fanatic, I ALWAYS walk into these sorts of movies with a boulder of skepticism.  I mean, my wary attitude has a reason, while LOTR was well done, just look at what they’ve done to the Harry Potter films.  Seriously.  However, I have to say that so far both Narnia movies have been just beautiful.  The cinematography is breathtaking, the plots are true to story and it truly seems to capture all I envisioned of Narnia since I was a little girl.  Overall, I just loved it.  The kids are original from the first movie and it was amazing to see them growing up. 

As far as I know, they will be continuing with the Narnia Chronicles for a few movies more.  While it is not in the Narnia chronological sequence, it seems to be following the publishing sequence… which in all reality is good to follow because then we get to keep the same actors in the movies and watch them essentially grow up.  But, taking away all of my Narnia bias, the movie is still wonderful.  So everyone go and see it, go rent the first movie if you haven’t seen it first though… so you can be in on all the history. 


7 Responses to “Movie Review: Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian”

  1. You need to have a chat with CJ he is spitting chips about Susan’s role later in the Narnia books….the lipstick loving and such. He just read all the people like Pullman and Rowling etc and their views on Susan…I only ever read the first book with CJ so do not know….may have seen the BBC series though when you guys were little. Not sure if it is open here yet.

    We are saving ourselves up for Indie on opening day…..got tickets!!

  2. Had to be cryptic in case anyone does not know the ultimate storyline.

  3. cjwriter Says:

    Glad you loved it, Bombshell! It sounds like a lot of fun and the first film was wonderful. I loved the first book so much as a child that I actually got chills seeing it come to life. Prince Caspian was always my second favorite so I’ll have to see it at some stage. It doesn’t open here until June 5 here, though!

    I enjoyed all the Narnia books but MQ’s right, I did have a problem with the way Lewis treated Susan at the end of the series. She was one of my favourite characters and that she was basically written out of it (and how) was disappointing. I’d still love to see the other books made into films, though, particularly The Silver Chair to end Caspian’s story. I love the music as well, so can’t wait to get the soundtrack! 🙂

  4. scizor Says:

    If it weren’t for you I would have never ran into the wonderful world that is Narnia. That’s one more thing I need to be thanful to you for. 😛

    I also loved the movie! Just like the first one did, it had me getting goosebumps every now and then. Definetly a movie theather must see!

  5. Debyi Says:

    I love this book series. My husband & I both have the box sets & read the books as kids. After we got married, we commuted 4 hours (one way) twice a week and read the series again. We went to see the movies on the first day, LOVED them!

  6. MQ: Yes, I would gush so much more in my movie reviews but I keep it vague so not to spoil things for people who have no seen it. I think you should just read all the books, they are so easy to read. Although the movie understandably adds and rearranges things.

    CJ: Perhaps because I read the companion to Narnia is that I can completely understand the role given to Susan by CS Lewis. With the actual stories being so heavily laden with allegories and near full on religious preachings, it all goes hand in hand. Personally, I’m eagerly awaiting the third movie “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” which is by far my favorite book.

    scizor: It is said that anyone who does so love Narnia will want to involve those closest and most special to them to Narnia as well. I knew you’d love it and be so enraptured by the magic it encompasses. They are simple stories but beautiful ones to those of us with ample imaginations and simple loves.

    Debyi: I actually have two box sets all my own. I really need to track down where the second one is, I allowed my housemate to borrow one set. He’s been with them for nearly a year and has only read half of the stories. I know I want to return to see Prince Caspian once again before it leaves the theaters.

  7. patrick Says:

    the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story better than i would have expected… i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not so much the case

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