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A girl wondering about natural beauty May 17, 2008

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I often say that I don’t believe in natural beauty. 

Before you argue with me, here’s my reasoning…

I believe that while there is beauty in nature, as women, we are hardly ever just natural.  Even in our most basic states, we’ve shaved and plucked and shaped ourselves.  There seems to be loads of expectations on women to be as hairless and possible.  It’s everything from our legs, underarms, bikini areas, eyebrows and faces.  We have developed so many products just to deal with these things.  In fact, I believe facial hair is one of the things women combat the hardest and is our biggest secrets.  We never share how we pluck, wax and shave our would-be beards and moustaches.  It’s annoying but we find them psychologically unsightly.  Even women who will wear no makeup and wear men’s clothing will go around worrying about the hair on their face.

Then we have the hair on our heads which we dye and we shape into more flattering styles.  We comb it and we either curl or straighten it at will.  There are even more products to work our tresses into the right texture and usually no one is happy with the kind that they were born with.  If it’s curly, they want to go straight.  If it’s straight, they want to be curly.  And if you have it wavy like me, you wish that your hair was either one way or another. 

So when all is said and done, we’ve been altered.  We’re no longer natural.  To be “natural” takes plenty of work!  It takes maintenance and rituals.  We moisturize and we exfoliate, we primp and we prep.  But when all is said and done, we can achieve beauty.  Which is what I think makes it all worth it.  I know that at my age I can be all fresh faced without my makeup.  But I am the first to admit that to look as good as I do take even some masochistic beauty tendencies. 

Funnily enough, while some of these things are part of societal expectations, I do it all for me.  And I’m just fine with that. 

As I often tell my cow…

[Insert random pic of cow by my lap]

We can’t all be as naturally beautiful as her.


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