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Food Review: Heladeria Lares May 18, 2008

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My mother says that I’ve been here before.  I must have been a lot younger because I don’t remember going.  But this ice cream shop is very famous for making interesting flavors of ice cream.  On any given week you can have things like carrot and sweet potato to shrimp, avocado or rice and beans.  #6 and I played it safe, she went for coquito acanelado and I had dulce de leche. 

Now, coquito is a big thing here on island.  During the Christmas holidays, instead of eggnog we have coquito.  It’s a coconut milk drink laced with lots of rum and cinnamon.  I like it a lot.  Last Christmas, my SIL and I got nice and drunk on it while wrapping the presents.  The ice cream version was very delicious.  And I’ve made it no secret of my love for caramel.  So dulce de leche was a good choice for me. 

Believe me, we must have sampled at least a dozen ice cream flavors.  We could have been more adventurous but we played it relatively safe.  Actually, nothing in the freezers seemed too crazy.  But the line was pretty sizable.  There was a flurry of activity as people tried to look into the freezers and make their choice. 

The actual place is pretty big.  The freezers are the first things you run into and they run along the left side.  The other side is a wall full of lots of pictures.  I didn’t bother to get a closer look at them.  I’m guess it might have to do with Lares, its rich history and stuff from the island.  Towards the back, the place opened up to tables so people can sit to enjoy their cool treats. 

#6 ended up knowing two of the girls who worked behind the ice cream counter.  They were very friendly and handed out the samples very kindly.  The prices were pretty reasonable, though I was too distracted with all the talk for me to truly notice just how much I paid for my large cup of ice cream.  But, all the same, we enjoyed it and ate it outside in the plaza.  I like that it’s right of the town plaza because it gives it a tranquil old-world feeling to the place. 


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