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A girl making progress May 19, 2008

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This is #6


As we have seen, this girly can really look darn gorgeous.


But a one night trick is not what we’re working towards.  Although looking gorgeous doesn’t hurt, it is our hope to get #6 to fully incorporate all these things about beauty and style into her daily life.  This will involve going through her wardrobe, helping her buy things, helping her coordinate outfits and how to properly apply all my teachings. 

Since #6 is amply game to make progress, this was a piece of cake.  So we went to work.  First we went to the mall and we went shopping.  This is our haul:

See!  No black tshirts!

I am so proud.

One of the best moments while shopping was in the dressing room.  #6 was in the booth and I’m tall enough to peek over and make commentary.  We seemed to have concentrated on tops this time out.  And in this time #6 fully discovered the wonders that was….

Her boobs!

At first she was self conscious.

Then I reminded her that she’s a girl

And that people paid lots of money for that kind of cleavage.

In the end she was able to embrace her curves.

We even had a nice discussion as to what was sexy and what was slutty.  After all, if one loves themselves with a proper amount of reality, then you learn to be sexy and pretty with class.  So she saw her hourglass figure for what it was and not as being too heavy or anything like that.  For that, I was very proud.

I really enjoy shopping.  That’s no secret.  And I think #6 really enjoyed seeing me in my element.  She saw me just look at something and know instantly how well it would go with something else.  I also showed my psychic size talent.  Which is when I just grab something off the rack and can just “feel” when it is the wrong size.  I did this more than once and #6 laughed every time I would say a hanger ‘felt’ wrong to me and how I would grab another that was just the right size.  And how even when I had the right size I’d ‘feel’ that it could either go up or down one size so it would fit her right.  My SIL saw this talent in action more than one time.  I’m sure it’s nothing, but it’s entertaining all the same.

At home, she went through her closet and I made her dump things out that were too worn, too small and just plain ugly.  It was very cleansing and therapeutic, she said.  I thought so too.  And no, I wasn’t the one to throw things out.  I just sat on the bed and made her do it herself.  For this she needed to be honest both to me and herself.  We only had a few moment of contention, but I think we did very well. 

After the closet clean out, #6 carefully put her new things into her closet.  Her mother really did like all we bought and #6 was positively beaming.  She never knew she’d love so much color.

Then we got down to more serious business. 

I went and plucked #6’s eyebrows.


She yelped and complained.

I sadistically kept plucking and didn’t listen.

But I reassuringly explained the concept of shaping.

I definitely think she is all the better for it.

After the eyebrows we hit up the makeup lesson.  This was the best part because we went over the whole thing and I taught her how to deal with eye shadow, which I keep getting informed by many that it’s the hardest part to apply. 


However, when all was said and done, #6 intoned her disbelief at to why she was so scared of her eye makeup when it was so darn simple.

When we were done, we washed it all off and had our lesson in beauty care.  And no face cleaning in a group can go without this:

Face masques!

Oh yes, the one that dries and changes colors.

That night we spoke about body language and attitude.  This is also part of #6’s makeover.  Talking is one thing and it will take a while before she develops these habits until they seem like second nature to her.  We’re in no hurry for this but I think I did open her eyes to the importance and significance of body language.  Hopefully she’ll be able to open up and take these things in.

There is still more work to be done.  As far as clothing goes, #6 still needs bottoms that aren’t jeans.  She also needs shoes that aren’t heels, wedges of sneakers.  Then she needs to better work on her collection of lip colors and perfect her beauty regimen.  Most importantly she needs to get her hair cut.  For this we need to get to y hair stylist in Mayaguez.  I’m hoping that by summer session she’ll be a whole new girl, an extremely confident girl who just shimmers with her great attitude and fun personality.  I think the boys will be blown away.  So watch out world, #6 is truly coming out of her shell!


2 Responses to “A girl making progress”

  1. Six is stunning although I couldn’t see anything wrong with her eyebrows….maybe I needed to zoom? has the hair cut happened yet? You sure are lucky to have the makeover biz where you get to sleep over.

  2. Well, you’d have to zoom into the first pictures of her to see her bushy eyebrows, MQ. I didn’t pluck them too much, just shaped, defined and cleaned them up. It makes a world of difference. She hasn’t gotten her hair done, but she will have it by mid-June if I have my way.

    And doing makeovers in person is a lot of fun! It can be more tiring however since you have to do the actual legwork when it comes to shopping and such. In the end, it forms an amazing friendship. I think of all my clients, past and present, are great friends now. Even the long distance ones. As #6 will learn, I won’t have to physically be here to keep her makeover on track.

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