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A girl spending a weekend in Lares May 20, 2008

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With the semester ending means that I’m stuck in my hometown until I either take summer session and therefore I return to campus.  Or I manage to find another thing to fill my time.  Since it’s still early and I haven’t figured out just what it is that I’m doing with my summer (I have special hope that I either end up with my bro in Cali or a certain gent makes good on his promise), I decided to prolong my trip to my hometown.  When #6 asked me to spend the weekend with her in her hometown I jumped at the chance.  It was the perfect opportunity for us to spend a lot of girl time together in slumber party fashion (an experience every girl needs in order to truly get in touch with her feminine side and to learn all the girly tricks of beauty) but we’ll see more about #6’s makeover in another post.  In this one I’ll just give an overview of my weekend with #6.

On Friday I spend all evening packing.  Usually my packing for going home just involves my shoving everything into a sack and calling it done.  This takes about half an hour at most.  But, I wasn’t going home.  I was going to be gone until Tuesday and that meant I needed to pack accordingly.  Not only did I have to plan out outfits, but bring along all my beauty essentials and make it all seem like it was packed away neatly and perfectly.  This is easier said than done.  It took a few hours but I managed to pack my small red suitcase with matching red luggage bag.  Everything was packed to near full capacity, but I was looking neat, compact and stylish. 

On Saturday #6 picked me up from my apartment with her parents and we began the hour+ drive to her hometown.  The night before I did what any proper guest does and I baked them cupcakes.  I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of them because I think I actually did a very pretty job on piping frosting on them.  But they were very well received.  In Lares we stopped in what is considered its mall.  Had I know what it was I would have taken a picture of that.  I didn’t really get it until #6 pointed it out afterwards.  It was this tiny place with random stores and no actual clothes stores or anything.  It was a perfect example as to how I could not survive in towns that were way up in the mountains, to say the least. 

We reach her pretty house and I get all settled in (ie: between the two of us we made her room look like a hurricane went through it) and went to church after dinner.  That night we stayed up late giggling and talking.  Sometime while discussing mofongo with pepper steak, #6 fell asleep on me.

On Sunday we woke up super late and hit the plaza in the middle of town.  Here there is a famous ice cream shop where we kept asking to sample all the flavors (which I shall review in a post after this).  Since they were setting chairs up for an activity that night because the PR version of American Idol called Objetivo Fama was having its finals that night and one of the contestants was from Lares, we could only take pics of us with the tree and the fountain. 






Which is a shame because they have this very pretty mosaic in the center on the floor of the island of Puerto Rico.  We wandered the shops and I pointed out pretty things to #6.  Then we hit up one of #6’s cousin’s bday party.  It was a lively event but I only knew #6’s immediate family.  Still, there was this fun clown with the cutest son also dressed up as a clown.

I immediately messaged scizor and said I wanted a baby

Just so I could dress him up as a clown.

After the party we went back to the plaza to see the mayhem.  We were more excited over the pinchos/shishkabobs than the actual event.  This was nice man who made the yummy pinchos.

Meanwhile, while everyone squealed and screamed, #6 and I had more fun discussing how the atmospheric pressure causes escaped balloons to break. 


Yes, we know

We’re geeks.

But the night was still fun, and #6’s parents seemed really into it.


That night I can’t even remember what we spoke about.  I think the talk was relationships.  We couldn’t sleep, we’d napped before the b-day party and we were still giggling at 4AM.  It took us half an hour later forcing ourselves to go to sleep.  It worked and we slept late the next morning.

After lunch on Monday, #6 and I hit Plaza del Atlantico in a neighboring town of Hatillo.  We pingponged through shops and had a blast. 

There were hits…

“I love this” she said

And there were misses…

“I’m just not feeling this one” she said.

We finished the night with make-up lessons and more giggling.  Since we’d had no nap, this was the night we went to sleep the earliest. 

Tuesday was the day for me to go home.  But first I helped #6 out my ironing her bro’s hair.  He’s 18 and just a cutie.  With his hair like that, #6 and I kept teasing him that he needed a guitar and to go on tour singing Beatles tunes. 

Every time he walked by, we’d croon other ‘60’s tunes at him. 


In the end, I got dropped off in Mayaguez where then I called my aunt, packed all my things, grabbed my cow and made it to Yauco.  Funnily enough, I’d spoken to my younger brother on Sunday and told him when I was going home.  Still, he got the day wrong and no one knew I was coming.  So it was a surprise for everyone to see me.  And now I’ll be in my hometown until I figure out alternate plans.


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