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A girl learning about Mary Kay May 21, 2008

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(DeeDee, yes, I know… WAY old pic but I couldn’t find any of the recent ones)

My darling sister in law is a stay at home army wife and fully time mother to the cutest toddler in existence.  I adore her and miss her so very much.  She’s my best girl friend and she’s in Monterey, CA where my brother is stationed.  It is now about 6 years since I’ve known her, back when I was graduating from high school and I met her when scouting an apartment right next to hers.  She was already beginning to date my brother; in fact… it was her meeting me that made her realize that my bro was serious about her since he obviously cared about her enough to introduce her to someone from her family.  In fact, to meet me was a huge honor.  My bro is very proud of me.  I graduated with amazing grades and even then all my baking was one of the features he loved the most about me.  He’d definitely extol my virtues to any who would listen, and the greatness of my pumpkin pie to anyone who even so much as looked in his direction during Thanksgiving. 

Anyway, we were very fortunate to get along so well.  Like two peas in a pod, we feed off of one another and just go around like a whirlwind.  Then she became my sister when she married my brother 2 years ago.  It was so hard for me to lose her when she moved to the States.  It was so difficult because I lived with my brother for the first 4 years of college before he left for the army and Dy was definitely always there.  Then I lost them both.  My brother went to basic training and since Dy was pregnant, she went and stayed in her hometown of Guayama.  Our worlds shifted apart but we managed to still stay close.  Whenever she came back to visit, we always made time for one another.  We still talk a lot on the phone. 

So when Dy called me up on Monday and asked me for a favor, I was in even before she explained what it was she needed of me.  Seems Dy has decided to get into Mary Kay.  I was very happy for her to be doing something that she enjoyed (I could tell just from the sound of her voice).  And what Dy wanted was to get some pearl earrings.  In order to get them, she needed to get 6 people to call in, listen to a story and then get called up to see if they wanted to be in Mary Kay.  While she didn’t want the rest of the family to know what she was doing until she was sure she could handle things, she was quick to recruit me.  And I’m sure she knew that I’d somehow get myself involved as well.

Since I was with #6, I recruited her into the phone calls and since I have a loyal ‘hubby’, he got recruited as well.  So with just one phone call, Dy got half of her people.  I’m happy to report she broke the record and got those earrings in a day!  I’m so happy for her!  Along the way, the person who got Dy involved, her name is Ashley and she’s super nice, really hit it off with me when we spoke. 

Suddenly, Dy and I were brainstorming and trying to hatch a plan.  I needed to get my booty to Cali even if it took my begging family members to get there.  Together we’d hit Monterey by storm, I’d get the month long Mary Kay training in person with Ashley.  Then I would return to the island and take over the Mary Kay project on island.  The National director in PR is well known but she doesn’t speak English and she’s local to my campus town.  Everything of course seems to be falling into place.  I’m still waiting on flight plans, but I hope to get them ironed out by next week with my uncle. 

Cross your fingers for me!

Because I REALLY want to go to Monterey!


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  1. Enjoyed reading this and your plans too.

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