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Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull May 27, 2008

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So, I admit that I am not an Indiana Jones fan.  I have not seen the movies before this one and even now after having seen the latest installment do I think I will be bothered with them.  I’m sure they are interesting and good and whatever, but I thought that this movie stood out decently all on it’s own.  Something a dear friend CJ wrote about on his own blog when he reviewed the movie and had me leaving comments on it, was that I might just enjoy the movie all on its own, which I actually did. 

So, not to give anything away, here’s the general premise of the movie:

It’s 1957 and Indy is beginning to feel his age.  The Commies are the big bad enemy at that time to the US and they seem to be looking for artifacts that might help them win the Cold War.  So, like, Indy gets totally caught up with them as they try to get to the City of Gold and this cool crystal skull that has to be returned there.  Along the way he meets his long lost son whom he did not know existed and finds some family bonding time while punching out the bad guys. 

Duncha just love the way I summarize things?

No smoldering looks from Shia written up here. 😉

Luckily I set my lil bro between myself and my aunt and I was spared her running commentary.  That allowed me to just see it for what it was.  My best mental moment was when they showed Indy looking at a pic of his father, who was played by Sean Connery.  What did I say?

“Oh wow!  Indy’s dad is 007!”

I was joking.

I think…

But, yeah!  I think if you like action movies and are totally into the Indiana Jones series, you’ll like this movie.  I thought it was pretty cool and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.  I would gush more, but lordy will I be giving our spoilers.  So I will just say that Harrison Ford has still got it.  Him in that hat is the stuff that hotness it made out of!  






2 Responses to “Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

  1. I was warned about doing a commentary while I was there….although my commentary is usually thinking ten steps ahead of stuff!

    Am off to comment on your latest posts now.

  2. selfpublishedscifi Says:

    i have seen all four Indiana Jones movies. this one is the least of my favorites. I did enjoy it in the theater, though. I recommend you watch the other movies in the series — they are classics. =o)

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