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I was THAT girl May 29, 2008

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When we went to the movie theater on Monday I was reminded of my high school days.  The theater is just two doors down from a nail salon.  As we were waiting in line to purchase the tickets, the chemical smell of acrylic and acetone wafted over.  While my aunt’s nose crinkled in distaste, I was assaulted with nostalgia. 

When I was a senior in high school, I was finally allowed to dye my hair.  Ever since I have decided that my ‘natural’ hair color is red. 😉  As a senior, it was expected that we be the coolest and the prettiest.  I already had the runway strut for which I was infamous.  My mother also let me get some green contact lenses and paid for me to get my nails retouched every other week. 

So yes, my senior year I was THAT kind of girl. 

The one with the bright red hair down her back, blow dried every night. 

The one with the green contacts which looked almost grey.

The one with the long acrylic nails, painted professionally weekly.

The one who would wake up at 5:30 every morning to put on several coats of makeup.

The one with the tightly laced uniform and the short skirt.

So when it finally came to honors night (because yes, I was also that girl with the super high honor grades and the medals in band as well as several subjects) I have to say that I looked rather queenly.

Almost like an empress, no?

I sure clean up nicely.

My mother really pulled all the stops for my graduation.  I was also the girl who refused a Sweet Sixteen party (or the quinceanera, as it is known here in PR).  Then there was prom…


I’m still the girl who loves both of those dresses.  Every now and then I pull them out to see if I can squeeze into them. 

I’m also a girl who does not have many fond memories of high school.

But that nail place was nice.  I would skip class and walk on down to get my nails done.  There I’d chill in the air conditioning and gossip with the nail technicians.  They knew me well and they knew my mother who, for a while, would also get her nails done there.  She wasn’t nearly as dedicated as I was.  I really wish I’d taken pictures of my nails.  I wore some gorgeous designs.  I didn’t go for the typical florals.  There was even a time I had a solar system design on my nails.  I loved picking out the designs.  That was the best part, watching them get air brushed on. 

It’s funny how the week after prom I painted my apartment.  That was when all my nails popped off.  Then halfway into summer session for early admittance I chopped off all my hair.  I’m not joking, it was boy short.  That was also the time I decided that I liked to sleep instead of waking up early to do the whole hair and makeup fuss.  And, because I am a chemistry major, I could no longer wear contact lenses. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about those times.  My hair is finally beginning to get to the length that it was before I chopped it all off.  I’m considering going back to red when it comes to my hair color.  I don’t think I’ll be doing the whole fake nails thing again, but I have always tried to keep my nails nicely painted.  And, because I must set an example for #6, I have been taking more care with my makeup. 

Almost full circle.



4 Responses to “I was THAT girl”

  1. Love the hair colour and the length and the jewel toned dresses.

  2. zarishi Says:

    I Keep expecting the pictures to start break dancing >.< Cant believe how much youve change. You look lovely in the pics

  3. MQ: Yes, I love the colors. That was part of the appeal!

    Zarishi: break dancing pictures? And I haven’t changed that much.. gimme some hair dye and my contact lenses and I’d be the same as before.

  4. scizor1 Says:

    You DO look different when compared to the picture with the school uniform! It’s the hair. 😛

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