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A girl heading to California! May 30, 2008

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Alrighties my beloved readers!  This bombshell is very excited to report that she will be flying on out to the West Coast for the first time in her life!  With some insistent begging I managed to get the airfare and will be spending time with my older brother, his wife (my best friend) and nephew. 

This is SO exciting!

I leave on Tuesday and will be over there until July 17th.  That’s 6 weeks of being off this island.  My little brother will be joining me for half of the trip. 

Joey, my older brother, has already put in his requests for me to do the Daring Baker challenges for June and July while I’m over there.  He also wants me to do as many of the food challenges as I can.  He’s very supportive of my cooking and baking.  Of course I understand that his motives are purely selfish.  He gets to eat my good cooking.  But there’s nothing wrong with that. 

My mother has already put in a request that I leave her with enough French Bread in the freezer for her to enjoy while I am gone.  This is semi-payment for her to take care of my cow.  I will miss my baby, but nothing to be done.  She’ll have to stay and I will have to hope that she remembers me by the time that I come back.

Dy and I have been squealing daily on the phone since my flight was booked on Tuesday.  With her whole Mary Kay endeavor, I have become her first team member.  My starter kit should be there waiting for me by the time I get there.  So I will be able to train as an Independent Beauty Consultant directly with her and her advisor, Ashlee.  I also was able to get the personalized site up.  So… You can shop 24-hours with me!  Please visit my site to see the wonderful products Mary Kay has to offer!

Anyways, I have a lot of packing to get done.  I have so little time left!  I was able to get my shoes from my apartment, and it was very difficult not to come out with all my heels.  But, I made a proper selection.  Today I’m in Mayaguez to deal with some last errands.  Saturday is my little brother’s grad party and we have some shopping to get done.  Sunday will be more shopping and official packing.  Monday will be last minute packing.  Then Tuesday will be spend traveling.  That won’t be easy. 

I shall try to keep everyone up to date!   


10 Responses to “A girl heading to California!”

  1. Oh boy I ‘m excited…the prices are amazing! So if I order it from you in PR…until you get out that is….where does it come to me from…the States?

    Good luck with the flight and preparations for everything.

  2. Thanks MQ! I sent you an email with the responses 🙂

  3. CB Says:

    California?? WHERE?? I live in Cali!

  4. Bob Says:

    Lucky gal! Enjoy, pretty one!

  5. Joey Says:

    See you here (Monterey won’t know what hit it)!

  6. scizor1 Says:

    You can’t leave me for the summer! I’ll either kill benji or shoot myself! 😥

    You go have fun. I’ll hold the fort! 😀 *muax* Missing you already! 😦

  7. CB: 6 weeks in Monterey. I don’t know where you are but is there a way to take a bus and spend a day with you or something? Let me know! We’ll make cupcakes and blow up your kitchen or something!

    Bob: Sometimes a girl has to make her own luck. I plan to have fun.

    Joey: No, no it won’t. If DeeDee and I were bad in Mayaguez, we’ll be a gajabillion times worse now!

    scizor: Try not to kill zarishi, he’s kind of cute and nice when not being a dick. But, I shall go and take pics of cute guys in your honor. I can’t bring you back one though!

  8. scizor1 Says:

    Why not?! It’s the least you can do after ditching me for Sex and the City! 😡

    P.S.: I’ll try not to kill him…try. 😉

  9. Luskca Says:

    I love you! I’ll be waiting for you with bated breath.

  10. Rachael Says:

    I miss you. Hope you have a great time at cali, sweetcheeks!

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