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Movie Review: Sex and the City May 31, 2008

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(Yes, scizor and zarishi, I know y’all are pissed at me because I saw the movie without you guys.  But I REALLY wanted to see it!)

I’m a true SatC fan.  I watched the series as it came out on tv, even though at the very beginning I was a bit too young.  The first season and a half I caught on reruns on HBO.  Then I watched faithfully.  I was so devoted to the show that for the final season, as they were given on Sundays and I missed them because I travelled back to my apartment on those days, my mother used to record them for me.  The final episode was watching in my SIL’s room, where we could squeal and cry as needed. 

So, without giving anything away, let me try to recap the story:

Carrie is a writer in  NYC and she has 3 great friends.  While Carrie has spend off and on with this gorgeous MR. Big for the past 10 years, it’s only been about 4 years since we last saw the ladies on the show.  Then there is Charlotte who married her Mr. NotPerfect and adopted a baby from China to find that she was getting her happy ending.  There is also Miranda who opened herself to family and love with a bartender and moved to Brooklyn so her family can have a house together.  Samantha, who always believed in sex and not loe, found a nice hunky man where she could have both of.

When we meet the ladies in the movie, it’s literally us seeing how things have moved on in 4 years.  Carrie and Big shall be getting married.  The girls are learning that sometimes you can lose sight of things, themselves and their happy endings.  Sometimes you have to stay true to yourself and the ones you love. 

I went to this movie with my mother.  We made it just in time to see one last preview before the actual movie started.  In that time we managed to piss off the people sitting behind us but only because they were sitting really slouched in their seats… and since we sat properly in our chairs, they couldn’t see the screen correctly.  They moved and we weren’t bothered by them anymore.  Throughout the movie both my mother and I had cried more than once.  As true fans we caught all the inside jokes and knew when every flashback was from which episode.  In the end, it was the perfect “ending” for the ladies.  The final scene was just beautiful and absolutely befitting. 

I think fans of the series would be very satisfied.  I think even those what aren’t fans should go and see it.  It’s a quintessential chick flick.  Go with your girlfriends and then go and get a meal together.  That’s just the sort of thing this movie inspires.  My mother and I went for chinese food and went over the movie.  Not bad for a pair who have been having such a rough patch lately. 



One Response to “Movie Review: Sex and the City”

  1. YAY~ I own the whole darn series in a pink velvet box, thankyouverymuch. I went with my sister last night and have to agree it was a very fitting movie true to the series. I was kind of dissapointed in Chris Noth tho. He didn’ really seem up for the movie somehow. In fact, I wasn’t thrilled with the Big role in a lot of ways but overall it worked out.

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