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The Returning Bombshell August 14, 2008

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I have felt as if I have been writing that same line all over the place!

GOODNESS! have I been gone for quite sometime.  I know I had posting on my blog at the very top of my list, but I was so disconnected from the use of computers, it just felt like such a chore to be in front of one for so many hours again.  So, no harm in having taken the summer off, is there?

I hope not… I really needed the time away.  I was a mess, believe it or not.  Far worse off than I cared to admit.  I ran away from it all so I could screw my head back on straight and boy am I ever glad that I did! 

Now, not only am I back as a well-trained Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I’ve also got this amazing job as an on-phone Spanish Interpreter.  Aside from that, I’m still studying part time to pull together those last pesky credits to complete my BS in Chemistry.  It’s been a long way in coming, I know I’ve lost most of my passion for it.  But, I made a commitment and I intend to keep it.  Graduation is in sight for next May… amongst other things.

I’ve gotten a gorgeous pink Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop at an obscenely great discount due to my Mary Kay connections (and yes, I did name it Mary Kay).  By next week I hope to have some wonderful wireless DSL set up in my apartment.  I’m going to paint and remodel my apartment, there is so much I’m going to buy!  I hope to have outfitted myself with a gorgeous home often by the end of the year.  Time will fly by fast, and I have a lot of work to do.  Amongst my plans, I also hope to lose weight.  It’s my goal to reach a certain size by the time my birthday rolls around in March. 

There seems to be much in store for this Bombshell and I’m definitely optimistic about my future.  I WILL reach my goals and all my adoring fans (if there is still any of you out there *tries to avoid the sound of the crickets*) will be here with me throughout it all.  But, before I go step by step with my very bright future, I will also take the time to make the steps to show all that has happened in the past 2 months.  I had a wonderful time in California with my family, and I made so many new and wonderful friends. 

There is even the possibility of a romance on my horizon!

And lordy is he a cute one! 

But all those stories and more will be coming along with the days, weeks, months to come.  So stay tuned!


5 Responses to “The Returning Bombshell”

  1. CB Says:

    A new romance you say? Oh do tell…

  2. scizor Says:

    She lives! 😀 I have to go meet Mary Kay. She sounds like a dream!

  3. Welcome back…will support you in all you do!

    I have gone to self hosting so if by any chance you were reading me off your WordPress blog surfer, which I am sure you said you weren’t, you will no longer find me there. CJ is going to self hosting too…has an amazing new blog set up.

    Looking forward to catching up…the summer seems to have sped by over there.

  4. Rachael Says:

    I’m so pleased for you! I’ve missed you crap loads xxx

  5. scizor1 Says:

    I declare this blog clinically dead.

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