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A girl in California June 12, 2009

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Boy, talk about something being better late than never at all!

So it’s been a year, almost, since I made my trip to Monterey, California.   

I went on the excuse that my sis in law desperately needed me there.  But really I was doing it to escape myself.  I’ve made it no secret my dislike for living here.  But, due  to no other clear alternative, I remain and try to make the best of it.  When my mother heard that I was going to California with the help of my uncle to get me there, she decided to send my little brother with me.  



So what I thought was going to be 6 weeks of sweet tranquility with my best friend in the whole wide world, turned out to be first 4 weeks of hearing my mother bitch at me for not taking good care of my little brother and then finally 2 weeks of just getting to be myself.

But it wasn’t all bad… I was in amazing company.  

There were the Mary Kay ladies with all their spirit and perkiness:P6110019 [Desktop Resolution]DeeDee is going to hate me for putting this picture.

There was my beloved older brother, who is in the army, and his wife, who is my bestest friend ever

:P6060011 [Desktop Resolution]

There was also my gorgeous nephew, who is the cutest child in existence (& will remain such until I have my own someday):


There was Army Blue Eyes, who took me out for a date & a fun evening out on the town: 


  Then there was the food! OMG the food!  I wish I could go into minute details about every place I went and every single morsel of food that I ate (but then I’d break the rule I set for myself when summarizing that I’d do this in as little posts as possible).  But there was NaRa (amazing Korean barbecue), Ambrosia (exquisite Indian cuisine), Rosine’s (pseudo Italian but with AMAZING desserts).  Then there were just the basics from Carl’s Jr and the Bagel Factory (which I shall have you know that there are NONE of either on this entire freakin’ island!).  Not to mention the Farmer’s Market which we’d go to nearly every Tuesday so I could stock up on fresh berries.  How I miss blackberries and raspberries.. so many for just a few bucks (I’ll have you know a single pound of strawberries here is about 7-8 bucks.. I know, whatta ripoff!) and the wonderful little stalls of food.  I had my fill of pita, hummus, spanakopita and more! 

In the end, I returned feeling energized and, of all things, I actually returned with a full time job.  While in Monterey I did 4 full interviews for a company based there looking for Bilingual residents of PR.  So I landed and within a week after filling out the appropriate paperwork, I had nabbed me a job as an on-phone Spanish Interpreter.  Not too shabby, eh?


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