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A girl addicted (but first a rant) June 13, 2009

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This bombshell will in NO way pretend like I’m some uber serious gamer of any sort.  But I am a geek and I’m surrounded by geeks, so some of it rubs off.  I know about game platforms and I know about games.  Plus I read a lot of random articles online.  I’ve also been trying to be more in the loop since I’ve had my DS.  I’m a regular to the local GameStop since that’s where I can get my game fix.  

But, all that aside, there are some things that are just common sense.  Like, for instance, that the latest installment of the Sims world just came out.  Sims has been around for at least 8 years, at least that’s how long ago I used to play it.  I loved the game, it was what crashed my laptop, Jamie, within about a month of getting it.  So it’s a well known thing that the Sims is all about being a game for the PC.  All the commercials say so.  

So, with the bombardment of commercials for it, I’d decided that I wanted the game too.  Since it’s my little brother’s birthday in a few weeks, I decided to swing into the GameStop to get him Halo Wars and I searched every rack for Sims3.  I couldn’t find it, so when I went to pay for the Xbox360 game, I asked the cashier if they had it.  She looks at me and in a very condescending tone, she replies with “That game is only for PC.” and then tried to continue ringing up the Halo game.  Now, for those of you who know me, you know the look I gave that girl.  All I did was raise one eyebrow and in very level tones I responded with a “I know that. Do you have it?”  

I’m pretty sure that every word was rather punctuated because surely she had to be slow and dense.  I didn’t ask her for the platform.  All because I was buying an Xbox game did not mean that’s what I wanted the Sims for.  I don’t even play Xbox!  I only play with my DS (I had already seen and decided not to get SimCity or SimRacing for the DS).  At this point the girl was looking to the manager for him to confirm that the game was only for PC.  By now I have to say that I was irritated because they then told me the price.  Still!  This was not what I was asking them!  I think the manager knew this because I just fixed my arched gaze at him.  He finally said that they had it and I said that I’d take it.  Again that silly store associate had to inform me it’s the the PC and was I still sure I wanted it.  At this point I felt like pulling my pink laptop from my bag and waving it at her like “Look lady!  I have a computer and I want Sims.  If I’m forking over over $100 on just TWO games without batting an eyelash means that I’m serious!”   

My silence must have spoken enough because the game was brought over and everything was rung up.  I was tired of walking around so I tried a round of calls to keep me company.  Already at this point I had tweeted about the idiocy of store clerks.  I woke up my gay hubby with my tail and he was beyond outraged on my behalf.  I’m sure this story loses some of it’s essence by writing it because the key was in the tone that the cashier informed me that it was just for computers… and that she had to inform me of it a few times.  My gay hubby then brought up an interesting point… could they have discriminated against me because I was female?  That they must have thought me some clueless girl who wandered in to get something for her sibling?  But the fact that the person who treated me like I had glitter for brains was another female.  

Would I behave any differently had it been a guy who patronized me in such ways? 

I don’t know.  I don’t think I would have.  The manager got the same sort of level glare as I gave the first store associate.  But I do think they would have taken me a lot more seriously had I been a guy. 


About 4 hours of game time later, I have to say that I’m not sure about the game.  It’s gotten so much more complicated!  I’ve got a couple in their starter home.  the VanHooties are just trying to find a place for themselves and with each other in the SimWorld.  Danica is just plump and pretty, she loves to cook and is really ambitious in wanting to make a lot of friends.  Not to mention  that she is a one heck of a kisser.  Then there is her husband Andrew… he’s a hunk with blue skin and hair.  What can I say?  He’s dreamy and he wants to become the leader of the Free World.  What’s the point of a handsome husband if he doesn’t run around without his shirt?  

I’m still getting a hang of the universe but its as fun as I remember.  You just need to get a system going and keep them happy.  Even with instructions and tutorials, I’m still having a hard time finding everything.  But I haven’t even lived a week with my Sim household.  So I can hope that I can figure it out to really make them thrive.  It’s only a matter of time.  But… it’s addictive! 


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