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A girl and her career June 13, 2009

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At the end of A Girl in California, I mentioned the job I managed to acquire.  This seems a little out of left field, as many of my posts on this site mentioned, I was studying Chemistry.  How come the jump in professions and interests?  

Well, the answer is simple but the path to this conclusion was complex and difficult.  

The short of it was, after all those credits and hard work… I just wasn’t feeling it.  I love Chemistry, don’t get me wrong but only two options seemed to remain.  Either I’d go work in a lab and churn out lots of instrumental analysis and quality control or I would have to study some more.  The first was not something I wanted and I was feeling too burnt out for the latter.  When I left to Monterey, I had searched for possible job opportunities.  It so happened that I lucked out because the company was based there and was looking for people on island.  That just meant I had to return to PR (yes, I would have gone and stayed over there if I could have managed it, but it seemed not to be).   I may joke about not knowing how to speak Spanish but the truth of the matter really is that I’m just more comfortable speaking English.  The feeling of self consciousness soon passes and I’m pretty dern fluent.  

Knowing that if I wasn’t going to continue with Chemistry, I’d need a job to avoid a major blow-out with my mother.  Considering I had no work experience outside of a couple semesters doing work-study, it was a hard sell.  But sell myself I did.  It was immensely satisfying how my first evaluation for the company I work for had my Language Specialist amazed at my natural fluidity and enthusiasm.  

All the while I kept working my Mary Kay and trying to stay sane.  While I do enjoy interpreting, it’s repetitive and I’m essentially a language bridge.  I parrot in the target language phone calls, mostly customer service.  There is no originality.  I work from home, so I don’t even get any interaction.  Depending on my work schedule, I might only see my family for about 15min a day.  When I moved back home with my mom, this tedious nature became more apparent.  At the moment I’m hesitant to leave my job because it’s stable and considering the economy and the job market, not much else is.  Its not like I’m living free here, since I pitch in with groceries, utilities and my own personal expenses (a girl needs her shoes, nail polish and hair dye! Not to mention fabric and ribbon).  

Lately I find myself in a rather reflective and introspective mood.  Surely  to find the right path and goal to try and achieve, I must have some sort of clue as to what I’m good at.  So I go down the list….

I love to bake, but I don’t cook or bake consistently.  

I have crochet and sewing hobbies, but not enough to craft things too continuously.

I’m a people person, but have a low tolerance for stupidity.

Believe it or not, I’m actually looking into programs to study online for fashion design.  I’ve found a few programs and am looking over the various prices.  Obviously I’ll apply for aid, but considering how much time I wasted before, it might be good to pressure myself to succeed because it’s my hard earned money on the line.  

This has been a big area of contention with my mother.  I know I have failed a lot in life, but to err is human.  Not everyone has such extreme focus on what the next 20yrs will hold.  I have a general idea of what I would like that to include, however I have never seen my career as a huge factor in that.  

I’m often told that one should never waste brilliance but what happens when you don’t wish to rule the world?  



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  1. girl:

    you are a natural ‘free lance’ writer. go into creative writung and communications. work free lance for a newspaper or magazine, write a novel… self publish it (www.lulu.com).

    be free! -mo

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