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A girl and her family June 13, 2009

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So, my older brother is in the Army and on his leave before being deployed off to S. Korea, he brought his family on down to PR.  There was a mission for the week that they would be here, it was to get the families together for the baptism of my nephew.  We’d been waiting on Dee’s brother, who was going to share godparent duty with me.  It was sort of a given since the baby’s birth that I would be his godmother, but I was honored just the same.  In a whirlwind of about a month, we landed a cute little outfit for an active toddler, the decorations that were emblazoned with Baptism motifs, made favor boxes of chocolate pops and handmade rosaries.  And all this was just my side of the family working on it.  

Sure, there was a big kerfuffle over the fact that the baptism was held at Dee’s father’s place and chosen church, but in the end it came together very nicely.  

DSCN1369The picture of the perfect godmother

I totally kept waiting for them to issue me the wand and wings.

With so little days I hoarded up my sis in law as much as possible.  We even snuck away for a night at a very nice hotel with my gay hubby.  We got mani/pedi combos, ordered room service, dressed up like we were all important and just laughed so much until it hurt.  We never made it into the pool nor did we gamble at the casino.  Still the stay was a smashing success.  


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