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A girl and her gadgets June 13, 2009

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Over all, the past few months have brought me a few cool electronics.  Funnily enough, they are all pink!  I don’t know if it was on purpose, but it just sort of worked itself out that way.

  • With my Mary Kay consultant discount  I got myself a Dell Inspiron 1525 and 3-in-1 printer.  Its therefore no surprise that I named my laptop Mary Kay.  


  • For Christmas I got a Nintendo DS.  I then covered it with a Darth Vader decal and use light saber styluses.  I named that one The Force.  I got this REALLY cute carrying case for it.  It looks like a mini purse, you’d never know I was carrying a DS.  But I’ve become a gamer with well over a dozen games and more to be added to my collection.


  • For my birthday I got a Blackberry Pearl.  I named it prettiest but it’s not just a pink crackberry, it’s the grey/pink one with the swirls on the back.  Since I got the phone it’s never out of my hand for more than 15min unless I’m sleeping.  But to prove the amazing-ness of it, it actually has signal at my house!  No other cell before it has been able to work here!  I got a matching Bluetooth headset for it.  I seriously scoured the internet to find one just the right shade.  


(And thus, with this post I have brought everyone up to date as best as I was able.  I’m sure I will remember other things.  I’m sure I might expand some of the stories at a later time but I think I got the basics of everything.  And from here I will just go and blog about the things as they happen.  One cannot live in the past, we must always move forward.  I think the time away will give me a new perspective when writing this time around.  Sometimes a break isn’t a bad thing.  

I know some have tabs on me through my tweeting.  I’m an avid twitter user.  I think you could almost keep track of my entire day on there.  Its a lot of fun, to say the least.  Since I’m on dialup, its hard for me to keep up with other’s blogs.  It takes FOREVER to load pages, especially pages with good quality pictures.  Either way, this bombshell may have been gone but did not forget.)


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