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A girl and her weight June 13, 2009

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This curvy bombshell has made it no secret that she has no issues with her body.  Sure, there is the occasional moments when I pout at the mirror and pinch the excess skin.  But overall I make the most of what I have.  It doesn’t matter what size you are, if you can properly dress your figure, than you can be stunning and breathtaking.  

Still, the hard part of being plus sized is that the cute clothing still seems to come only in size 6 or 8.  There doesn’t seem to be a wide variety of plus sized clothing that looks both flatter and youthful.  For that reason alone I think perhaps I should drop a size or 8.  I would never wish to be the correct weight for my height (which I learned is somewhere about 170lbs).   But I certainly wouldn’t mind shopping in the regular sized clothing section every now and again.  For that alone I try a random kick to get myself fit.  

After my return to my apartment, I got myself some cute work out clothes and a very pretty set of pink sneakers.  I would go walking 2-3 times a week, at least 2-3 miles at a time.  I’d set my iPod to something moving and take laps around the track.  I actually managed to lose something like 25lbs just by watching my portion sizes and walking.  When I packed up my apartment in the middle of December, I lost my freedom to walk all over the place.  My mother’s house in Yauco is in the middle of the mountains and I don’t drive, not to mention that my days off do not coincide with anyone else’s in my family.  I ended up gaining all the weight that I’d lost because I really just vegetated at home.  

But then we got a little support group going called Hotties Getting Healthy, hoping to lose weight and change our bad habits.  We got a blog to keep track of things, I wrote a few times about sleep and what was happening with me.  But somewhere along the way, my weight yo-yoed and the Hotties lost steam by the time their objective date rolled around.  

Even though the Hotties didn’t meet their primary objective, I think it did get a lot of us moving and shaking.  Some took big steps in their lives, others just tried again with smaller steps.  I got my mother going on a weight loss kick and she’s kind of hauled me when I lost my steam.  So I’m still working out and trying to watch my portion sizes.  The sleep thing is the hardest since my schedule can sometimes have me working until 11pm.  I don’t go to bed immediately afterwards so I end up sleeping through the morning.  


But you can’t blame a girl for trying…


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