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Bombshell Delights: Polish June 16, 2009

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Every girl has a list of things that she loves and, when she finds a good thing, she should have no qualms in sharing her secret.  Though some of the sharing isn’t quite the absolute truth, like when I share what color lipstick I’m wearing.  I may say that I’m wearing… say, Mary Kay Sunset, in all actuality I’m also wearing some lipliner and lipgloss over it to give it a slightly different shade.  So while the color is true, there is a different effect than just the color cannot simply provide on it’s own.  

However, some things are a lot simpler.

As of late I’ve acquired some favorites, so let me share one of these good things:

For about a year I would actually get my nails done every 3 weeks with the acrylic and the airbrushed designs.  I wouldn’t keep my nails too long but they were long enough for people to notice them.  But for the summer I just wasn’t feeling it to go keep going to the salon and having the fake nails.  So I was wandering about the local shopping center on the search for some pretty nail polish colors.  Previously I’d never really had a real love for a particular brand.  I sort of liked a few, mostly I went by shades of interest.  But I stopped into Sally’s Beauty Supply for the things I needed to remove the acrylic and I noticed there was a sale going on for China Glaze  nail polish.  So I thought to peruse the stand of colors.  

The array was colorful and caught my eye.  There was another display right next to this one but the colors for China Glaze appealed to me because there was a wider variety than just the pinks, browns, beiges and reds.  Not knowing anything about it, I picked out just two bottles of polish for the discounted price.  

 The Fast Forward TopCoat since I like my nails to be glossy when I’m done

Being a Bombshell, I needed a gorgeous red polish, so Ruby Pumps it was  


And since I really liked using those two, I went back and got 3 bottles more:

Tempest appealed to me, I had a yearning for something purple but not

I don’t know why but For Audrey really called to me

Though this one is called Frostbite, I would actually call it SuperHero Blue.  I swear, this would be the sort of electric blue that those spandex costumes are made of. 

The colors are vibrant, the consistency of the polish is even when applying and they have a wonderful shine to them.  I had some chipping with Ruby Pumps but mostly because I kept breaking my nails.  Wearing Frostbite this week and my mother can’t understand why I want blue nails.  But these vibrant shades are very hot colors to be wearing.  They work well on short, rounded nails.  It’s fun now for the summer (or like me where it’s perpetual summer) when we’re showing off so much skin.    

I got mine from my local Sally’s Beauty Supply, but the images here are from this site and you can order the colors from there directly.


One Response to “Bombshell Delights: Polish”

  1. Tonight I decided to paint my nails again (since I tend to repaint my fingernails every 3 days but keep my toes the same color for about 2 weeks) and I used “For Aubrey”. The color really called to me and I wasn’t sure about it because it seemed too pale and milky. However, when put on the finger, I have to say that the blue is a Tiffany blue and now I finally got the point of the title (so I think) circa Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It makes me want to paint those silvery white bows on my fingernails to make them seem like those beautiful boxes.

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