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The bombshell donating to a good cause June 24, 2009

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I had wanted to go to the Mary Kay Seminar in a beautiful ballgown and decided that I wanted to design purses a little more than doing that.  But for quite a few weeks I poured over sites with gowns more gorgeous than the next.  I’d even settled on a few beautiful dresses that I felt would be the best for the occasions and the most flattering on myself.  I got to dream a little about feeling so absolutely exquisite in a fine gown and going to a ball.  Along the way I got to remember some of my own dresses that I have worn.  

I showed the ones for my high school graduation when I spoke of a few past experiences here
The dresses had some sentimental value.  I wore them during moments in my life that meant something and I will always remember them…
The first gown I have had in my closet since my 9th grade graduation.  It was a lovely metallic grey A-line with applique in white and silver on the bust and a double spaghetti strap.  The dress did not cost much because my mother was unemployed at the time, so there wasn’t much that we could afford, and I remember finding it accidentally.  I was with my mother in town and she had just gotten me after marching band practice.  I cannot remember why we were in the store, we might have just been trying to look over the selections that were to be had.  I’ve always been plus-sized, so we knew that finding something just right was going to be difficult.  The search ended up not being difficult at all and I ended up keeping the first dress that I had tried on.  However, my mother could not afford it at the moment, so we risked my not getting it for a few weeks until the time that she could buy it for me.  I remember going by every few days just to reassure myself that it was still there.  Fate was on our side and I was able to get the dress.  I wore it most happily.  I was Vice-President of my graduating class and I had a date for Prom, so the night was just amazing for me.  I danced every song with my date… all but the ones we missed when we slipped outside for some fresh air and he asked me to be his steady girlfriend.  I was over the moon about it.  
So the dress was dear to me and, even though I never got to wear it again because it was just too small for me in the bust (after that was when my chest really began to develop and I have a wide back), I was able to lend it to my sis in law for a party in my first or second year in college.  She looked amazing in it too, so at the time I was glad to have kept it.  But afterwards it was relegated to being shuffled between closets and shoved aside, for that I was most sorry and continued to hope for the time I would either wear it or find something useful for it.
The second gown I selected was the green gown I wore to my high school prom.  I had already gotten the extravagant purchase; the dress I was to wear for Honors Night, so with the second dress we wanted to save a little money (during this time my mother had been fired from one job but began the job she has been with ever since, she budgeted her first few paychecks to be able to get my first gown off lay-away, so we were more money conscious with the second).  I had this one custom made for me by a friend of the family; she was the same woman who had made my mother’s wedding dress.  We had gone to an amazing Telar (translation: fabric store) in Aguada that we had only just heard rumors about.  I love looking at fabrics and this place was like heaven to me.  I found the gorgeous green applique fabric and then we found the solid green fabric to go with it.  The seamstress even allowed my help in crafting the right design since I wanted it rather different than the other one.  This prom was spent different than the one previous to it, even though my date for the event was the same person, believe it or not.  We were still friends even though we broke up about 6mos after our officially going steady.  We decided to couple up for the high school events because his ties already matched my dresses without our even trying.  I remember dancing and having a lot of fun but again the dress was relegated to the back of the closet, never to be worn again.  A few times the dress was pulled out in a semi-attempt to try and wear it again, but it never happened.      
It was because of these loving memories that I knew that I needed to share the joy and the love.  As you can see, I well understood the financial hardships of a girl getting outfitted for prom.  My mother was amazing and certainly didn’t deny me the expenses, but she did instill a bit of conscientious knowledge that we were on a budget.  I knew that there were organizations which accepted formal dresses to donate them to charities for girls who could not afford such dresses but should not miss out on the experiences wearing them would bring.  Now with my working, though I am by no means well- off since I make a few dollars above minimum wage, I felt the need to give back.  Of course, being in PR I didn’t know of any local charities for formal gowns.    As it turned out, one of the sites I had browsed so carefully through and even began to follow on twitter took in plus-size formal gowns especially.  I had messaged them for a recommendation as to where I could mail my dresses out to and they were more than happy to accept them.
With the address in hand, I went on my next day off to mail them out.  I probably would have saved on shipping had I merely flat-rated the sending but I’m a frivolous and vain creature.
mailing out (taken with my crackberry)

mailing out (taken with my crackberry)

Instead I spent more on a very pretty heart covered box and a colorful address tag to signify all the love and care they were sent with.  
I know it may sound silly, but I believe in infusing things with positive energy and a colorful, heart covered box made me feel extra positive.  I can only hope that the dresses get a second chance of witnessing a happy night and make their wearers feel extra beautiful and special.  Sydney’s Closet has indicated that they will be sending me something back in appreciation for my donation.  I have no clue what is coming but I sure love getting things in the mail.  My friend, Aixa, says its just the shop-a-holic in me.  I get a rush everytime I know something is going to be shipped to me but I honestly just love getting things in the mail (I even delight in getting my credit card bill).  I try to mail things to other people as often as I can too, often times without their knowing just when they will get it so that way I can surprise them.     
[PS: On an added note, I have no idea why the US Postal Service complains that it’s losing money and they say that it seems no one is using its services as much.  Every time I’ve been in, there is always a line about a dozen people or more long.  It feels like I’m in the post office every week making money orders, buying stamps or shipping out boxes, not to mention all the shipping I pay for when it comes to things being sent to me.  The economy may be in a slump but I’m doing as much as I can by spending and infusing my money is as many sectors as need be.]  

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