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How to walk in heels June 30, 2009

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Since I already catered to my most viewed post, I will also cater to the most searched term which seems to bring people to my site. 

“How to walk in heels”

There is actually a book called “How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything” by Camilla Morton. It should come as no surpise that I actually own this book.  I have to say that it’s a delightful read, for the most part.  The beginning of the book really does with imparting the wisdom of walking in heels but then the book truly does become a guide to everything.  Not only does it give nice guidelines for dress but it also has explanations of art, technology, decor, poker, chess and gardening.  So, as the title suggests, it’s quite handy to be a girl’s guide to everything or, at the very least, a little bit of everything. 

(This isn’t my go-to guide for style, however. 

That honor goes to “The Bombshell Manual of Style” by Lauren Stover. ) 

But I love wearing heels.  Its not an easy love.  There is a certain level of masochism and determination to be able to withstand it for prolonged periods of time.  Yet, the beauty of a gorgeous heel and the definition created in the shape of leg, the sudden elongation of the firm, the lifting of the bottom… it is almost enough for one to forget the little pains one has to endure in order to get the look. 


With that said, I shall now impart advice, both from my own practices and from my style guides:

  1. Never shop for shoes in the morning. Your feet will not have expanded as much as your usual size and things that you buy will not be the right size for you.
  2. Always dress for the occasion.  Every venue and terrain requires a different heel height and width for ease of walking across the surface.  Some shoes need traction to keep from slipping.  You can buy rubber stickies to place on shoes or you can scratch the bottoms with coarse sandpaper or even the side of the sidewalk curb.
  3. Always do a trial walk/wear with new shoes.  NEVER, and I mean NEVER, leave shoes brand new to wear to a certain event.  Slip them on first around the house.  Find out the areas that might be trouble pressure spots.  When you feel comfortable enough to go out in them, take them for a walk through the supermarket.  (Why the supermarket? It doesn’t have to be that precise place, but the floor is wonderful to glide across and you have the assistance of a cart for balance and support.  Anywhere with similar criterias works as well.)  It will take several wears for you to learn your heels and get them fine tuned.  Never leave it for the day before because it might lead for swelling that can be rather bothersome to subject your feet to two days in a row.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get inserts. Once you’ve worn your shoes, you will know which are the spots that can bother you.  There are all sorts of shapes and sizes of comfortable inserts: full insoles, cushions for the balls of the feet, strips of padding for straps or heels and even pads for toes.  I would recommend them with cloth and not with gel because if your feet sweat, the pads won’t stay in place.   
  5. Know what you’re going to do in heels and for how long.  One thing I always advise people to learn is the limit of endurance for each pair of shoes.  You can approximately gauge how long you can comfortably stay standing in them or how far you can walk in them by doing the trial wears.  Not every shoe works for everything, don’t expect it to but inserts should help you get there.  Appreciate every shoe for its talent and work with it. 
  6. Have a back-up plan. Something I often get joked about with is that, even though I wear heels a lot, I also always carry a pair of flipflops with me somewhere else.  You don’t need to have another pair of shoes, but it helps.  Accidents happen, heels break , nights go for longer than you meant them to or you end up having to walk far too many blocks back to your place.  Make sure your extra shoes still work well with the ensemble and even if people notice the switch, far too many people will think you incredibly smart for having the forsight. 
  7. Commit to your heels. Once you slip them on, keep them on.  Sometimes it seems like a relief to slip them off for just a second but that is a big mistake.  Your feet swell and it’ll be more uncomfortable for you when you put them back on. 
  8. Heels are worth the expense. Poorly crafted shoes are usually the cheapest, so know that you get what you pay for.
  9. Care for your feet. Pamper your tootsies when you can.  Keep the nails neatly cut and straight; keep the skin moisturized.

 I think I covered the basics.  If you have any questions or anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below!  


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