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A purse masterpiece! July 5, 2009

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I’m aware that with every purse creation I will likely find it to be my masterpiece.  Since the grand total of purses I’ve made comes to two, this latest one truly is the best one I’ve made so far.  I can say that with all honesty.  Honestly, I can only hope that each purse truly gets my full love and devotion upon completing them. 


Most of you are anxious to see this one.

I made it for my mom.  The first one was a sort of practice purse.  My mom used it for an activity and then I gifted it to my grandmother.  She uses it to go to church and loves it.  With the one for my mother, I had to be rather precise when it came to it’s crafting since she was specific as to what design, fabric and metal she wanted.   I often stopped along the way to consult with her colors for ribbons and design for borders, even doing some designs on the side to practice before actually applying it to the purse pattern.  The new moire material I got is different from the one I got online and it really marked too easily, so it left me no room for error when placing the needle. 

I even managed to get my sewing machine to behave and not chew up my fabric!  So this one was done with the machine in the parts that could be done with it.  Because of this, not every stitch is straight, like here with the label:

Lining & Label

Lining & Label

Its better than nothing and SO much easier than trying to do it by hand, lemme tell you!

But let me stop talking about the purse and get to actually showing you:

G- 02 Completed!

G- 02 Completed!

I even got the idea of a special little detail for every purse that get all personally made/designed by me:





















Pretty, isn’t it?


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