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Family randomness & a birthday party July 5, 2009

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When my older brother and I shared an apartment in college, we jokingly called it the “TV Convention Center” (TV being the initials for out last names, as in PR culture, you use bother paternal and maternal last names).  Any party or event to be had within our circle of friends was automatically set at our place, sometimes without our knowledge.  Too many impromptu events transpired though.  Our family is one of ingenuity and spontaneity.  A pot of pasta became dinner parties with wine and appetizers.  Finding a new bottle of wine or mixed drink made us dress up and sip it by candlelight, pretending accents and smoking cigars.  Moonlight strolls to the beach became picnics.  My brother especially would wander the supermarket and find some bizarre ingredient that he just had to try in something, like that anchovy paste which remained half a tube in the fridge until I cleared it out when I moved out.

This comes from our mother.  Until she had my little brother, it was often just the three of us.  I don’t think we ever felt lacking in company.  Weekend excursions would lead us apple picking or picnics at Flushing Meadow park.  My mom taught us to be open minded when it comes to food and for the most part we are fearless.  We love trying new things and a single ingredient always launches a menu.  As my mother is diabetic, I have had to curb the baking somewhat.  However, as I help out with the groceries, I often find interesting things to make and try out.  Last week it was a rare occasion when my mother and I actually went to the supermarket together.  As we wandered through the aisles getting things we needed, and things we just plain didn’t need but just like to have, my mother spotted a little jar of caviar.  She suddenly declared that she wanted caviar but didn’t know what to make with it.  I’d never had caviar but I told her that all I knew that required it were more like appetizers than actual meals. 

This did not deter me from putting it in the cart, however.  The following day We made deviled eggs, put a bit of caviar on them, placed that on a bagel crisp and called it lunch. 

the pic isn't great but I guarantee that it was yummy

the pic isn't great but I guarantee that it was yummy

As we were sitting around the counter, gently placing the caviar on top of our crisps and nibbling on mozzarella, I couldn’t help but giggle.  Had that happened in Mayaguez back in the age when we could muster the rohirrim, we would have had mimosas and gotten everyone to wear preppy brunch clothes to go with our experiment.  We weren’t that far off in Yauco, though.  I told my mom that we almost seemed like snobs.  Seriously, how many people do you know to just buy caviar on a whim?



In other family news, the reason I was all late in doing the Calabaza Pela’ series was that it was my lil bro’s bday.  He turned 13 on Thursday. 

the munchkin and I

the munchkin and I

I feel old now but it’s been interesting to see him grow up. 

We grilled up some delicious food and made all sorts of salads.. like coleslaw, potato salad and carrot salad. 

The bday spread, super yum!

The bday spread, super yum!

It was all delicious but exhausting work. 

So, busy days with the family.  That was my “weekend”. 


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