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A Special Thanks Received July 10, 2009

Filed under: Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 4:20 AM

Two weeks ago I wrote about donating two formal gowns to Sydney’s Closet.  Its a wonderful cause to be able to donate plus size formal gowns to people in need.  Everyone needs their own fairy godmother.  I’m delighted to know that there are companies that truly care and go to such lengths for other people. 

Anyway, I was honored to be able to speak with the owner and founder of the company last week.  They went to such lengths to be able to get me the thank you gift for my donation.  (I had to giggle a little, they got a glimpse at how difficult it is for me to get ANYTHING sent to me over here… honestly, welcome to my world.)   It got her a lot sooner than I thought it would. 

My thank you gift box

My thank you gift box

Everything is so beautiful!

So thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies over at Sydney’s Closet!  The wonderful gift of giving was enough in its own right.  This added touch just put it over the top!  


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