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A purse for my favorite stalker July 16, 2009

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When it comes to friends, I have two girlfriends whom I love more than life itself.  I met them both when I was an early admittance freshman in college.  One of them is my sis-in-law and the other says that, because of that family relation, Dee counts more like a sister and less as a friend… so that makes her my one true best friend.  I let them squabble over me but I love my girlies to death.  We don’t even live close to one another but we’re constantly in contact whether its via MSN or tweets (and sometimes tweets that seem like an MSN conversation).  Recently my peeping stalking friend moved to Arkansas and launched a whole other blog to show her exploration of her new surroundings using her hillbilly alter-ego.  (We all have one! So don’t even pretend like you don’t!  I’m EmmaLee and I can tease my hair and get that hick twang like the best of them!) 

So, needless to say, she’s super supportive of all my endeavors.  She’s one of my best customers when it comes to Mary Kay products and she’s been nagging me to make her a purse since I made the first prototype.  I used that to my advantage and told her she’d take what I gave her and she’d like it too!  I didn’t let her pick her design aside from a choice between daisies or sunflower since I wanted to make a purse but have to work with the threads and ribbons I already had while my latest shipment of ribbons came in. 

The end result is just beautiful.  I have to say that my embroidery work is getting better with every purse I make.  I’m learning new techniques and perfecting old ones.  I still need to perfect the sewing and construction of the purse itself but I’m learning to sew in straigher lines!  seriously, check out the label:


(even if the placement of said label is slightly too much to the left

(even if the placement of said label is slightly too much to the left)


I also put to test the validity of the “washable” part to the fabric marker.  But it is a wonderous thing… just a dab of water and it gets erased!  I had to place and replace the patterns but I’m very happy with the final product.  I had to hand bead each little X but it’s well worth the effect. 

Purse S-01

Purse S-01

I hope she likes it, but if she feels it’s not right for her, then I guess it’ll go into reserve until the time I’m ready to sell these beauties.


3 Responses to “A purse for my favorite stalker”

  1. aixaster Says:

    Me like me like! 😀

  2. Gerardo Enrique Says:

    Ooh! Pretty!

  3. scizor1 Says:

    That’s pretty! I demand bigger pictures to see the straighter lines! 😛

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